The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ This Has Been A Test

Drizzle, Drazzle, Druzzle, Drome

Each of the temptations presented to our Lord by Satan had this as its center: “You will get the kingship of men and the saviorhood of the world if you will take a ‘shortcut’—put man’s needs first, and he will crown you king; do something extraordinarily wonderful, indicative of Your power, and man will crown You king; compromise with evil, and You will get the kingship of men.” Jesus could have brought the whole thing about suddenly (see John 6:15); but He did not. He withstood Satan and took the stupendously long way. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Vision of the Long Way

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; God has known these three Americans since the dawn of time. Now, with all eyes on America, the world will know them as well. In January of 2019 my friend Marucia said something to me that triggered the vision for my third CD, “When the World Turns Around”. It was an amazing vision of a new earth, a new heaven, and hope in a world right-side-up again with brighter days ahead. I set out recording the album in a small studio in Brooklyn which included old originals I had never recorded like Liam’s World, and Sailor’s Point of View, and new songs like the title track, and my favorite…Angels from Devils. I also added my interpretation of one of the greatest songs ever written, America the Beautiful. We got half of the album recorded before God stopped the world in March of this year.

The best laid plans…

You think you know people, people you’ve known for your entire life. But I need to tell you something you too may have already figured out by now. You never really know a person until that ultimate test. Combat and law enforcement veterans know exactly what I’m talking about. There is nothing in this world that reveals true character faster and more clearly than the moments we are faced with losing everything, whether on the battlefield, a natural disaster, or you and your partner suddenly find yourselves surrounded and outgunned by a drug gang in some dark back alley in the Bronx.

A good shepherd writes, “As Christians, however, our trust is not in a man, a political party, or in any source of strength except for Almighty God Himself, through His Word and by His Spirit (see Psalm 33:118-22; Zechariah 4:6)” The young freshman writes, “No man can ever save us from the disasters that befall mankind. The only thing that truly matters is the freedom we have in Christ. Any other freedom is a fleeting pleasure. So honestly, I don’t care who wins. To hell with it.”

The American apostate church has cleared the way for an apostate government to sacrifice us at the altar of a New World Orderor has it? I would agree with the words of the good shepherd, but then turn them around and ask our entire community of shepherds why we would then trust the “man” in media who is covering up the treasonous crimes of a “man” suffering dementia, who took in millions from the New World Order regime, ran his presidential campaign from his basement, to steal the most important election (and our country) in world history using the CIA tool Hammer and Scorecard? And to my young freshman friend, I would simply ask him to find a WWll veteran if he can, look him in the eye, read his “I honestly don’t care” speech to him, and watch the painful effect his thoughtlessness has on a man who dreamed of being a freshman, but chose instead to get up on the morning of June 6, 1944, put his boots on and ACT to save the freedom this generation seems so ready to throw away. You think you know someone…and then they break your heart.

The Good man stands up for truth, alone in the angry crowd, on principle BECAUSE of his faith and trust in the Lord. The Bad man does what bad men always do…from the days of Caine. But the Ugly man, most loathsome of all, lacks the courage and the true faith to be either. He rides the middle rail looking to survive…looking for the “shortcut” as Chambers might put it.

What if this has been a test of the emergency save-your-soul system? Pray for Ugly to see the light and work to convert every institution that has been infiltrated…leave the apostate church, find a real church ministered by the good shepherd, and as my dear friend Jim said only yesterday, get ready to “take back our public square.” Pray for President Trump and the First Family. And PRAY-PRAY-PRAY that God will continue to bless America!

God does not do certain things without the cooperation of man. We continually ask, “Why doesn’t God do the thing instead of waiting for me?” The answer is that He chooses not to do so. It is like the difference between God’s order and His permissive will. His permissive will allows the Devil to do his worst and allows me to sin as I choose, until I choose to resist the Devil, quit sinning, and come home to God in the right relationship through Jesus Christ. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Abiding Relationship


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5 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ This Has Been A Test

  1. Frank says:

    Good morning Chip. The nation has made a decision and will face the consequences thereof.
    The church will also be making a decision in the days ahead.
    Perhaps the Lord will use the outcome of this election, along wth everything else going on in our world, to throw some cold water on us and awaken us to the greatest commandments and the great commission. May His Kingdom come, and may we be found serving Him when He arrives or when we go to meet Him.

  2. Chip Murray says:

    Good morning Frank. Our nation did no such thing.

  3. Paul Laux says:

    the media does not name the president, the electoral college does. Widespread criminal activity and fraud will be brought before our judicial system. We will see if the courts have gone the way of the banana republic institutions our country now has on full display.

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