The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ How Do We “Run to the Roar” and “Walk Away”?

When I was a child…1 Corinthians 13:11

The Temptations of our Lord in the days of His flesh are the kind of temptations He is subjected to in the temple of our body. Watch when God shifts your circumstances and see whether you are going with Jesus or siding with the world, the flesh and the Devil. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Pinnacle of Temptation

I think all of us can agree that nature is amazing. I believe most can agree that man has learned much of what he knows from observing the natural world around us, from the earth to the heavens and all its creatures. Furthermore, I believe we are blessed to be seeing spectacular images from Mars this week because of the love-respect-learn relationship between western civilization, nature, and God. I truly believe that had our ancestors at large denied, defied, mocked, and rejected the natural order and God who ordered it, as modern man seems hell-bent in pursuing…we would never have put a plane in the sky, a man on the Moon, or the Rover on Mars. The buggy whip manufacturer would likely still be in business.

Think about how much easier it was to raise children when the rules we taught and the lessons they learned were in natural harmony and accordance with the natural world all around them. Right was right, wrong was wrong, up was up, and down was down. The very same rules, values, principals, and standards handed down generationally from the time of Moses. Sadly, it seems we came to a fork in the road, closed our eyes…and veered…hard Left. Which brings us to the Walk Away…

Welcome to the Matrix 2021, otherwise known to us Christians as the wide gate. Or, as Chambers puts it, the Pinnacle of Temptation. Unlike our ancestors who were better prepared for the narrow gate, we’ve been conditioned and programmed from birth to destine ourselves for the wide gate…unless of course you were blessed to grow up in an exceptional home, raised and nurtured by exceptional parents who insisted on charting your course on the river of life using the time-tested navigational charts of traditional values…even if it meant home-schooling them.

So here we are in a place purposely designed to make no sense and defy the body’s own innate moral guidance system. Most are unaware that we’ve crossed a new threshold and entered a new paradigm. You see, we are here by our own free will, lured just as easily (I’m embarrassed to say) as the proverbial little girl lured by the stranger with a piece of candy. The modern day puppet masters presented sensory choices to our minds…comfortable vs freezing, satiated vs starving, entertained vs bored, and LIKED vs lonely. So, in other words, they designed the Matrix to make the wide gate appear as the perfect summer night on the Asbury Park Boardwalk vs a cold lonely night in the narrow gate jail cell. And now ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages, now that they have successfully lured you in…once you cross their just a little pin-prick threshold you will never, ever, ever get out. Which brings us to the counter-intuitive survival technique; Run to the Roar…

Where life was once a kaleidoscope of choices, it is now a virtual prison without walls where you lose the right to work, play, bank, travel, and live if you don’t abide by the Matrix rules…which are essentially the worship of the unnatural. Only fear could bring you here.

David Barton begins his “Run to the Roar: Update on the Nation & Church” with a brilliant lesson for us in how lions hunt. The male lion is the most feared beast in the jungle. His roar can be heard for 5-8 miles across the open African Savannah…but he is slow. The female is the hunter in the family. So, imagine you’re a herd of gazelle grazing peacefully when all of a sudden you hear the lion’s blood curdling roar…what do you do? You run away from it. The lions figured that out and realized that if the male set up on one side of the plain, and the female on the other, the roar would chase the meat straight to the butcher. Pretty smart right? Please watch this amazing presentation by David Barton to learn how and why we need to run to the roar.

Attorney Lin Wood is the best example I can provide in these dangerous times of a man running straight into the roar. He has just filed criminal charges in a federal court implicating United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in child sex-trafficking, and former Vice-President Mike Pence with treason. Tru News with Rick Wile

It has never been more important to stand for truth, defend truth, speak truth and run to the roar than it is right now! Read here the “true plan of ‘Progressives’ to substitute themselves for God.” And at the same time we need to start “Walking Away” from all people, places, and things of the Matrix. I understand it is extremely difficult for some of us…especially those in corporate careers. But how important and necessary is that Superbowl with halftime shows steeped in Satanic ritual? How many choices do you make daily to support the global corporate Matrix-owned box store that could be switched to the local small business of your neighbor?

The bottom line is this. We didn’t get here overnight, and we are not likely to escape overnight. But we can and must turn around and take incremental steps in our daily living to walk away from the lies and commit ourselves to a James 4:8 closer walk with Thee. Nothing can stop us when we have the full armor…

The Lord, who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine. ~ 1 Samuel 17:37


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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