The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Stand With God, Or Submit To Baal

So what must we do? What must you do? If these are the days of Baal, then these must also become the days of Elijah. We must become more and more like Elijah…uncompromised, untainted, undefiled…unentangled with the world. Separate from the world, yet a light unto the world. We, you must become more single-minded, rooting out all compromise, and all fear of man. More pure, more focused, more single-minded, more set apart. Stronger, bolder, less wavering, and more absolute. Proclaiming the truth to a civilization, to a culture, to a nation that rejects it, and yet needs it all the more. Never retreating, but always advancing. Proclaiming the Gospel of Messiah, the salvation of our God. ~ Jonathan Cahn’s Latest Prophetic Message ~ The Reign of Baal

We are now two different Americans living in two separate Americas following two different Presidents. The one we elected is leading the real America back to a restoration of the Republic for which it was founded, one nation under God, while a puppet of the Baal-worshipping Cabal leads a lost America straight into the pits of hell. The following passage from 2 Samuel is a description of the former…

So the three mighty men broke through the camp of the Philistines, drew water from the well of Bethlehem that was by the gate, and took it and brought it to David. Nevertheless he would not drink it, but poured it out to the Lord. And he said, “Far be it from me, O Lord, that I should do this! Is this not the blood of the men who went in jeopardy of their lives?” Therefore he would not drink of it. These things were done by the three mighty men. ~ 2 Samuel 23:16,17

Those people you see voluntarily wearing face masks alone in their cars, masking their healthy children, reducing the oxygen to their young brains, isolating them from one another, extorting family members into submission to Baal by taking the cure prescribed by the death cult for the very bioweapon it created, in order to see their grandchildren. There’s your crystal-clear portrait of the latter my friends. And it is not a pretty picture. This past Wednesday’s P&FW invite was a warning…

Not knowing will not exempt us from our accountability to Him because there is no excuse for not knowing. Wearing a facemask today is turning away from God. We have turned our school-buses into cattle-cars taking our children away from us and into a future that will be scarred by deep emotional wounds…and worse. One brother tells me it is not his job to change the world, while another tells me he wears a mask so he can do the things he wants to do. Both men have allowed themselves to be ruled by fear. It is a man’s job to be a man. Imagine how bad David must have wanted that drink from the Bethlehem well. Life’s greatest irony is this. The fear of losing something will cause us to lose everything…including eternity. The very essence of His Matthew 19:24 teaching.

Please join us for Prayer & Fast Wednesday tomorrow with prayerful focus on 2 Samuel 23:1-17. Way too many “mighty men” sacrificed life and limb for our freedom…for us to throw it away by wearing a lie on our faces and covering the smiles of our children?  

This is the most urgently important message I’ve carried in the past nine years. I encourage you to read Christopher F. Rufo to better understand how we got to the point of loading our children on to cattle cars painted yellow, where we are sending them, and why. Then please take 32 minutes to follow Jonathan Cahn as he ties our journey as Americans to the ancients, connecting every administration since Bush Sr to its ancient prototypes, up to the present reign of Baal. See how Intercessors for America not only align with Rufo, but also reveal the demonic truth behind Cahn’s message and call to action. Finally, the most horrific truth any of us has ever had to bear will be found in Kesterson’s one hour explanation of the biggest mistake many of our closest friends and relatives have ever made in their entire lives. Even they, having taken this poison irreversibly into their bodies, can turn back from walking into the flames of submission and into the light of salvation. But they need to know the painful truth…and we need to set all emotion and feelings aside to deliver it as best we can.

Historically, the accusation of “anti-Americanism” has been overused. But in this case, it’s not a matter of interpretation—critical race theory prescribes a revolutionary program that would overturn the principles of the Declaration and destroy the remaining structure of the Constitution… First, too many Americans have developed an acute fear of speaking up about social and political issues, especially those involving race. According to a recent Gallup poll, 77 percent of conservatives are afraid to share their political beliefs publicly. Worried about getting mobbed on social media, fired from their jobs, or worse, they remain quiet, largely ceding the public debate to those pushing these anti-American ideologies. IMPRIMIS/Critical Race Theory: What it Is & How to Fight It. ~ Christopher F. Rufo, Founder and Director, Battlefront

The only explanation for this perfect storm of power and anti-God values is that it is demonic. At the highest levels diabolic forces have been unleashed against the destiny of this nation in a coordinated effort. How else could there be such alignment? Intercessors for America

The “Great Reset” IS The Baal Game Plan ~ Our real fight is to keep them from that 70%.” ~ Is the Walking Dead Real? ~ Scott Kesterson

Rufo sums it all up perfectly, speaking for Cahn, IFA, Kesterson, and myself, in his closing paragraph…

Above all, we must have courage—the fundamental virtue required in our time. Courage to stand and speak the truth. Courage to withstand epithets. Courage to face the mob. Courage to shrug off the scorn of the elites. When enough of us overcome the fear that currently prevents so many from speaking out, the hold of critical race theory will begin to slip. And courage begets courage. It’s easy to stop a lone dissenter; it’s much harder to stop 10, 20, 100, 1,000, 1,000,000, or more who stand up together for the principles of America. Truth and justice are on our side. If we can muster the courage, we will win.

…for which I am an ambassador in chains; that in proclaiming it I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak. ~ Ephesians 6:20

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