The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Light Casts Out Darkness” ~ David Martin, PhD

So he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine; and he set him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him. On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii, gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him, “Take care of him; and whatever more you spend, when I come again, I will repay you.” ~ Luke: 10:34-35 from June 10 Leadership Promises, Sow A Seed, Change A Life

I woke up to the message of “giving” on Thursday morning. My day begins with Leadership Promises for Every Day by John C. Maxwell. The message above dovetailed with step two of my day with the Oswald Chambers read below. And these two passages, in perfect tune with each, set the stage for the remarkable message from David Martin, PhD in his interview on BardsFM.

As we draw on the grace of God He increases voluntary poverty all along the line. Always give the best you have got every time; never think about who you are giving it to, let other people take it or leave it as they choose. Pour out the best you have, and always be poor. Never reserve anything; never be diplomatic and careful about the treasure God gives. ~ Oswald Chambers, Give the Best You Have

We adopted the siren song of addiction under the rubric of free rather than examining at what cost freedom really is. ~ BardsFM Interview With David Martin, PhD

How many of us spend more time focused on waiting, praying, hoping for the evil that has turned our world upside down to be brought to justice, than we do living, loving, and giving as He has so clearly instructed us to do? (I am raising my hand high!) David Martin, who I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with a little over a year ago, is so right when he says, invoking the Gideon light-in-the-jar tactic from Judges 7:16-22, “Our job is to bring the light.”

And…as is usually the case, the first place the light must shine is onto our own accountability for the shape our world is in at the present moment. And, as most of you know, it is not a pretty picture. But the good news is that if we have the power to mess it up, then we must also have the power to clean it up. Beginning right this moment…

These are our moments to show up. We are not waiting on their judgement. We are actually living our lives doing what we need to be doing. We have to recognize that we are all accountable for the way we live now. Let the judgement and the justice play itself out. When the bad actors find out that their ploy isn’t working…when we’re showing them that we’re living, and that we’re vital, and we’re healthy, we’re interacting, and we’re building community…we’re expanding community, we’re hugging people, and kissing without masks…When a rabid animal loses its sense that it’s in control, it goes crazier, and it does its own destruction. We do not have to be the agents of judge, jury, and executioners for justice. We need to evidence by our lives that we are unaffected by fear, we are unaffected by greed; we are unaffected by influence; we are unaffected by power. We need to evidence that with our own life. Break the jars, surround them with light, and they consume themselves.

Yesterday was both profoundly sad and tremendously happy. Sad for the friends and family of our sweet sister Cookie Boone who left us after a two-year fight with cancer. Happy for the good and faithful servant who is now dancing for joy in the Kingdom of Heaven. Her husband Clay was able to make us all laugh and cry. Cookie’s granddaughter Kristyn touched every heart with her beautiful voice. Pastor Craig gave one of the best memorial messages I may have ever heard. But it was Clay’s message that really hit home for me…and it goes to the very heart and point of God’s message to all of us.

“I have a whole in my heart big enough to drive a Mack truck through. But I am not going to fill it with drugs or booze. I am going to fill it with Jesus.”

Isn’t that the point made in Luke 10, by Oswald Chambers, and by David Martin? And because there are no accidents, I leave you with the following clip sent to me this morning by my friend Russ, whose good friend’s son played a part in as the Director of Photography, The Shunda Creek Project

Dedicated to Cookie Boone.

Sister Golden Hair

Never one so fair would ever dare leave us here in pain and tears, unless she knew the place to be, to make a room for you and me. Sister Golden Hair my friend, goodbye is not a bitter end.     Every accordion and piano tune reminds us all, we’ll meet again…  


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