The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our “Spiritual Birth Certificate” ~ Soli Deo Gloria

“WE, THE PEOPLE of the State of New York, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to
secure its blessings, do establish this Constitution.”

If you are struggling to find the actual presence of Holy Spirit in the church you are attending, today’s Tune-up is just for you. I read this passage in the Founders Bible this past Prayer & Fast Wednesday morning. “This small band of outlaw believers had no name, nor did they seek one. All they wanted to do was gather in freedom, worship the Lord, and study His Word for themselves. Though they would become hunted and harried, imprisoned and persecuted for it, the Scrooby Covenant of 1606, here paraphrased by Bradford, was the seed of the Pilgrim church, and also the precursor to the Mayflower Compact. It was this conventional concept that the people of God are free to form a covenant, even if the civil laws are against it, that is critical to understand. One can only imagine the scene as Pastor John Robinson, Pastor Richard Clyfton, William Brewster, and sixteen-year-old William Bradford stood to confess, with the others, their agreement with this covenant. It was there that part of America’s spiritual birth certificate was formed!”

According to the Bible the heart is the center of physical life, the center of memory, the center of damnation and of salvation, the center of God’s working and the center from which everything works which molds the human mechanism. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Weight of the Center

Two incidents occurring in this past week speak directly to my heart, one a criticism from the Left, and the other from the Right. The one from the Left was directed at me for posting the first two paragraphs from our Declaration of Independence on Facebook…on Independence Day. The one from the Right targeted my Christian brother Gary for posting “This war is for your consciousness and soul. This is the final war. It’s purely spiritual. Turn to God.” The charge against me from my friend on the Left was “This is not a time to go down the political rabbit hole.” And from a friend on the Right to Gary, “Religious fanaticism will scare away half your team Gary, try to focus on the core agenda we all agree with.”

So, to the mind on the Left, the very foundation of our freedom as Americans is a rabbit hole fantasy. And to the mind on the Right, seeking and trusting in God has become the extreme position of religious fanaticism. The result? It is exactly the compromise with both to find “the core agenda we all agree with” that has led us all to the darkest nightmare-wonderland-rabbit-hell-hole the world has ever seen. Why? Because it is the same purely spiritual war for consciousness and soul that led our ancestors, against all odds, to “America’s spiritual birth certificate” in the first place! I am not saying that compromise is wrong always in all ways. I am saying that compromising core principles for a core agenda is surrender. Period. So, with all due respect to Left & Right, our battle cry as Americans in this hour must be Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone), Sola Fide (through faith alone), Sola Gratia (by grace alone), Sola Christus (in Christ alone), and Soli Deo Gloria (for the glory of God alone)! That, dear brothers, and sisters, is the seed of our revival and survival. This, being the case, begs the question, “Who must lead the charge, Church or State?”

This question leads to a very interesting initiative underway in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York where a small band of Christian brothers and sisters have formed CLOTH (Christian Leaders Of The Hudson) ~ To revive & strengthen church leadership as the best if not the only path to attaining Jesus’ last John 17:21 prayer that we be one, as You, Father, are in me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.

So, lets pause for a moment to think about and compare the Scrooby Covenant 415 years ago to the mission of CLOTH today. All they wanted to do was gather in freedom…Imagine…visualize the enemy they faced then, and you will see it is the very same we face today. In fact, it has the same name. Tyranny wants us DIVIDED. It remembers what happens when it allows us to gather in freedom. So, it needs to wipe all memory in us of the who, how, and why we gathered together in the first place…415 years ago. It needed to take out the place where we gather (church) before it could destroy what Tocqueville described as the real unit of American power (family). Question: How is it that the world can be forced to accept the behavior of 1.9% (Homosexual) of the world population as “normal” when normal by all previously accepted standards was attained at the 62% mark? In other words, if 60% doesn’t qualify as normal, how and on what planet does 1.9%? Answer: The planet on which the church has been divided, conquered, and made irrelevant. Which brings us to the Scott Kesterson interview with Joe Flynn…

“If the church pastors don’t band together there will be no churches in five years.” ~ Joe Flynn Joe Flynn Interview, BardsFM

All of this is coming together in the same week. Remember, the same enemy that wants us to forget who we are does not want us to know that every single one of our once united 50 state constitutions include God in the relationship between government and the governed. The friend on the Left who has been conditioned to see the words, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, as a “rabbit hole”, is as much an aid to the enemy as those shepherds who kept their flocks from the political grass so as not to know enough about the political bands to fight for their strength and integrity. Oh, what a week…and God was not finished with me yet.

In this same week God elevates my song Guilty to #1 on the N1M charts…11 years after the record was released! Why now? Well, because we are HERE now: “Love is a shadow when you’re too scared to fight. If you want her to love you, turn into the light.” This is His message to my friend on the Right! If we are not called to turn into the light (God), Where then? Or, how about, “…’till you don’t want to live but you just can’t die, ‘cause you’re too afraid of loosin’”.

FEAR…is the only thing holding us back. It is the Holy Spirit that crosses the divide of time to unite the Scrooby Covenant with CLOTH! It is the Holy Spirit that conquers fear and disease, not some mystery formula cooked up in a pharma lab. It is the Holy Spirit that will bring us all together, and not in a classroom where oppressed are separated from oppressor…or in a church where the vaccinated are separated from the un-vaccinated. A church where Holy Spirit is invited to indwell is a church 100% alive and well! Our birth as a nation began with the shot heard ‘round the world. Holy Spirit will bring our revival as a nation with the prayer heard ‘round the world. Please pray for CLOTH to spark it! For the glory of God alone.

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5 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our “Spiritual Birth Certificate” ~ Soli Deo Gloria

  1. The same Spirit that drove the Scrooge believers will raise up a new remnant to “Appeal to Heaven” to see this nation become once again that “City on a Hill.”

  2. Matthew McD says:

    There will be churches in 5 years. At least that’s what they’ll call them. Cult like indoctrination centers would be a more accurate description.

    • Chip Murray says:

      “State Sanctioned” is the term. Many of them have been toeing the “Social Behavior” line without being forced to. Not exactly the path to salvation our Lord modeled.

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