The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Ten to Life”

This World Will Know Your Name. There Is No Mansion Big Enough To Accommodate Your Shame.

Dear Friends,

I am honored to have a long-time friend sit in for me as I will be officially disconnected from civilization this weekend, and unable to post my Sunday Morning Tune-up on Sunday so you will literally be treated to a “Tune”-up by a fellow sheepdog from Joplin Missouri…on Friday.

Take it away JK!

I think we’ve all had our fair share of WTH moments as we watch our elected representatives, their appointees, the courts, the media and our fellow human beings in general demonstrate a complete and utter contempt for Rule of Law, our noble History/Heritage, our Honorable and Cherished Traditions, our Blessed Faith and our understanding of what constitutes the Social Contract. “Partnering” with the Taliban while continuing to push the narrative that Patriots and Christians are the real terrorists is the height (depth?) of their depravity and latest slap in the face and insult to our intelligence.

I know something has to usher in the Beast System, but I don’t have to sit on my thumbs and silently watch it happen! I had my fill a long time ago. My Savior even fashioned a whip and broke bad when He saw things weren’t being conducted properly. It cost Him His life, but He was sent by Father to model proper conduct, seek, and save the lost and die for our sins. 

Regardless of Station in Life, He had something to say about what constituted Just and Honorable Behavior. What we are witnessing ain’t even close! Thankfully, He’s still in charge and all of this was predicted over two thousand years ago. A timeline and countdown from the desecration of a new (yet to be built) Temple in Jerusalem to the return of our Savior is laid out. Preachers should be preparing their flocks for martyrdom, for flight to a place of safety in the wilderness or to fight. I don’t see a whole lot of any of that….

Pursuits of Truth and Justice, the application of Mercy and preservation of the Social Contract is the very Hallmark of Civilization. Our Founding Fathers knew that their system was only workable with a citizenry that fully respected those things and when necessary, subtly reminded each other of their duties and responsibilities. They still utilized the duel system, so a good-ol-fashion country ass whoopin’ was no big thing! We seem to have walked completely away from that and instead, give comfort and aid to our sworn enemies! Repeating what has never worked is the very definition of insanity. Sitting idly by waiting for their next attack on our sensibilities is not acceptable. It smacks of cowardice. Hiding behind Romans 13 is pretty weak. 

Policies that were designed from their very inception to bankrupt us morally, financially, and spiritually have been in play for a very long time. It’s just this last few decades that we’ve witnessed their full-court press. But hey, the Dark One knows his time is short and he is pulling out all the stops. His faithful minions and the rest of the unwitting dupes seem to be working their sinister little butts off. 

Alexis de Tocqueville (French diplomat, political scientist, sociologist, philosopher, historian…) travelled throughout the newly formed Constitutional Republic. He marveled at how this new experiment managed to hold together. His conclusion- the people’s reverential faith in their Creator God and respect for rule of law. Where are these things today? Mocked, condemned, marginalized and/or punished.

The file below is something I’m thinking about posting on Rumble (there’s some other footage of me mansplaining the message of the song). I already have a target on my back for my behind-the-scenes activism so I’m all-in.

I’m aware I can’t carry a tune in a bucket so if you would, limit your observations or suggestions to what I can fix! If you would, post the clip to folks within your circle (or to any sleepyheads out there that could use a wakeup call). I would greatly appreciate any and all constructive advice. (Leave in comments below)


John K

“10 to Life” by John Karriman

The other night as I lay sleepin’

I dreamed the news was playin’ tricks

because if seein’ was believin’

we’re breakin’ far more than we fix.

So when I woke I asked my brother

I even asked my sister Sue.

Could have my dream have been a vision

and if it was, what do we do?

“Did you know that former CIA Director William Casey stated the goal of the intelligence community was to make sure that everything we believed was false? Well he did!”

I gave ’em each a sheet of paper

and when we took our pens in hand

Well, somethin’ special came upon us

cuz We the People are the land.

We wrote to all the poles and pundits.

We wrote the lobby lizards too.

We said- You do not represent us

so pack your bags cuz you are through.

Take your bloated heads

the fake tears that you shed.

From our backs remove your knives.

Take your nonsense home

and sit there by the phone.

Await your fate

I’m thinkin’- Ten to Life!

“We the People of the United States of America in order to form a more Perfect Union established a long time ago how we wished to be governed and this ain’t even close. So here’s the deal Barry… this still IS a Christian nation and Sleepy Joe, well, this is a Constitutional Republic. You might look up Marbury vs Madison for me.”

We’ve paid for all your indiscretions

and then you vote yourselves a raise.

That’s why we’ve called this intervention.

Instead of rope you want our praise.

You’ve poisoned everything you’ve handled

surrounded by your ghouls and freaks.

You tried to steal our great Republic.

There’s no more turning of our cheeks.

Take your bloated heads

the fake news that you spread.

Kindly from our backs remove your knives.

Take your nonsense home

and sit there by your phone.

Await your fate 

I’m thinkin’- Ten to Life.

Well you should have known in time you’d pay the price!

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Ten to Life”

  1. Rey Alvarenga says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Very good! Awaking one sheep at a time.

  2. Doug Anderson says:

    Bravo & concurrence sir !

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