The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ THE Most Dangerous Place In The World


In the days of His flesh Jesus Christ exhibited this divine paradox of the Lion and the Lamb. He was the Lion in majesty, rebuking the winds and demons: He was the Lamb in meekness, “who, when He was reviled, did not revile in return.” He was the Lion in power, raising the dead: He was the Lamb in patience—who was “led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so He opened not His mouth.” He was a Lion in authority, “You have heard that it was said…But I say to you,…”:He was the Lamb in gentleness, “Let the little children come to Me…and He took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them, and blessed them.” ~ Oswald Chambers, The Divine Paradox

Very rarely do I change the title of the message the day before the message is to be sent because God normally gives me the foundation of the message early in the week, and the foundation holds the title…which was to be, The Band On The Titanic.

However, my iron-sharpens-iron Friday morning Bible Study brothers blessed us all. On average ten to twelve of us gather each week to study, pray, and encourage each other. We were blessed to have two local pastors with us day before yesterday when the subject of truth came up. You see, God showed me in yesterday’s morning devotion that, while there exists an overabundance of Lamb in the church the Lion has gone completely missing. 

Originally God gave me The Band on the Titanic to show me the subtle and nearly invisible evil in most of our churches today. Contrary to the TRUE love of the REAL band on the Titanic who selflessly played to comfort, strengthen, and encourage the doomed passengers, today’s church band plays to manipulate the mind away from the truth of the moment for the preservation of its own self-interest. In fact, they are the invisible tyrants, the very “hidden reefs” Jude referred to, that clear the way for the physical to manifest!

Today’s Christians hear the Ephesians 4:15 term “Truth in love” all the time. And now, the reason why is crystal clear to me. These may be the most easily manipulated words in the entire Bible! Why? Because when we hear the half-truth from the pastors who have extracted the Lion from truth, the tragic result is that we become Revelation 3:15,16 lukewarm vomit. 

What our Friday morning men’s group made me realize is how critical and essential it is for the brethren to allow truth to go where it must, even and especially to the point of our own discomfort, embarrassment, and pain in realizing our errors and mistakes. Because, my brothers and sisters, in that pain God gives us the opportunity for correction. This is why Capital Punishment in a righteous justice system, which one could argue does not exist in the present rogue government horror show we’re living through, is considered a reflection of the loving will of God for the simple reason it brings the guilty to their knees before God faster than a life sentence tends to do. I give those pastors and church leaders willing to step into that light a tremendous amount of credit. I know of three different families in three different local churches that had to make the difficult decision to leave those churches where the whole truth was not allowed…in most cases, because the whole truth is incompatible with the social justice arm of Communism. It reminded me of the upside down version of that famous Norman Rockwell painting of the man standing up at a town or village hall meeting, when a group of concerned citizens showed up several years ago to express our very vocal displeasure with the Warwick Village mayor for throwing the Warwick Police under the Black Lives Matter bus, and all of a sudden this purple-haired lady abruptly jumps to her feet and yells, “This is a Safe Space!”

I’ve got news for the purple-haired lady and the hidden-reef pastors standing in THE most dangerous place in the world, God is turning this world right-side-up and, well, Oswald Chambers says it best…

One remaining paradox—In Revelation 6:16 “the wrath of the Lamb” is mentioned. We know what the wrath of the Lion is like—but the wrath of the Lamb! —it is beyond our conception. All one can say about it is that the wrath of God is the terrible obverse side of the love of God.

When truth is back in town, honest men will come around and make a better world for you and me! ~ Chip Murray, When the World Turns Around, 2022

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ THE Most Dangerous Place In The World

  1. “Pursue Truth” is the simple, yet powerful word God has given for this new year, with an emphasis on “Pursue.”

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