The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The ONLY Hope

Exam Time!

Jesus Christ had no sin to deny, no wrong self to deny; He had only a holy Self. It was that Self He denied all the time, and it was that Self that Satan tried to make Him obey. What would be holier than the will of the holy Son of God? And yet all through He said, “not what I will, but as You will.” It was the denying of His holy Self that made the marvelous beauty of our Lord’s life. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Beauty of Self-Denial

Unless you are living completely off the grid, they know EVERYTHING about you. They know what you believe, what you don’t believe. They know your needs and wants as well, if not better, than you do. They know what you’re afraid of and how you respond to fear. They know your strengths. They know your weaknesses. They know your relationship with truth. And they know how to get you to do what they want you to do. It’s just been revealed that 80% of Twitter tweets are fake “bots”, that Twitter is nothing more than a CIA/Deep State tool, along with our iPhones and social media, to manipulate what they see us as…a herd of animals they need to control. Please listen to this three-minute clip from 21:40 to 24:35, Controlled Opposition/The Game Is Rigged!

So, one may be tempted to say, what’s the use? How can I possibly fight an enemy that controls everything and everyone, and knows everything there is to know about me? Well, in three words; truth, trust, and God. Truth, like God, just is and cannot be destroyed. They rely on lies they can have us believe are true…like Twitter. The truth is they do not control everything and everyone…yet. They need enough of us to believe and trust them until they do. That’s what the entire Covid scam was about. Check out this article by a courageous doctor that was actually posted on the National Institute of Health’s own website! COVID UPDATE: What Is the Truth?

So, we appear to be at a great crossroad of decision where almost everything we’ve been led to believe our entire lives is a brilliantly fabricated lie. My friend from last week’s Tune-up: I’m having a mental and emotional breakdown today.  I feel Armageddon approaching, I’m not ready, and I just don’t know what to do or where to go.” …as they are ramping up for round 2 of their Orwellian madness. Who do we put our trust in…Kathy Hochul? Joe Biden? Tucker Carlson? Donald Trump? Or, do we finally see the table, understand this game, turn to God, deny ourselves, and put our complete faith, confidence and trust in Him?

We witnessed a miracle in Warwick, NY this week. There are three separate school districts in the Orange County town of Warwick; Warwick Valley, Greenwood Lake, and Florida Union Free…run by a homosexual Communist superintendent, and a false shepherd president who dares to call himself “pastor”…in a spiritually devolved world where only 37% of adult pastors, and 13% of youth pastors hold a Biblical world view…which is exactly how we became so utterly, hopelessly, and morally lost. All seven “Parent Choice” candidates won their election. Standing up for truth, trusting in God, and a lot of prayer made the difference in Warwick! There will be NO sexual or racist grooming of children in Warwick schools. Praise God!

We are in for one hell of a fight brothers and sisters. This is our Final Exam:

Talk about trust! We’ve all been conditioned to believe we need them to provide the things we need in order to survive. I have wonderful Christian brothers who work in area hospitals and know the truth Russel Blaylock reveals in the article above, and yet they are still there. But where is my trust in God, knowing the countless times in Biblical history He keeps His word? When God’s people found themselves hungry for meat in the wilderness, He provided manna and quail from the heavens. When His disciples would have turned thousands away from His teaching for lack of food, He fed them all their fill with but a few loaves and fishes. And when the stormy waves had them in total panic…He calmed the sea.

Jesus Christ had no sin to deny, no wrong self to deny…

We, on the other hand, are sinners with much wrong self that has been, by the grace of God forgiven. It is His holy Self in us that we as Christians seek and strive for. Without a change of heart, at least 63% of all adult and 87% of all youth shepherds will succumb to the enemy and their flocks along with them. It is not an easy way, but it is the ONLY hope.

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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The ONLY Hope

  1. Well said …. the voice of reason, as always. Keep it up. A voice crying in the wilderness .. let truth prevail!!

  2. Bill Banuchi says:

    Duty is ours; results are God’s.

  3. Nick Roberts says:

    Amen. Brother.

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