The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our Legacy?

It Is Done

For when he dies he shall carry nothing away; His glory shall not descend after him. ~ Psalm 49:17

Our longsuffering God crossed the sheep/goats grain/chaff threshold this week. I say this with a fair degree of certainty as He clearly instructed me to shake the Luke 9:5 dust from my sandals where the CINO (Christian In Name Only) are concerned. Their Psalm 49:17 legacy stands in sharp contrast to the uplifting Proverb 23:18 from this week’s P&FW.

When they smile and tell you they had all their (quacks) and feel great and recite a canned prayer after you pray from your heart…In the very same week you join the Facebook group Died Suddenly News and the trailer of Mel’s new movie is released, its time to shake the dust and move on brothers and sisters…God knows!

There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off…is God speaking to His remnant. He’s speaking to His eyes-wide-open Acts 4 Ekklesia of believers, riding high on the confidence and boldness ONLY the Holy Spirit can bring…in the face of darkness and evil straight from the bowels of hell…and heartbreakingly testified to on Died Suddenly News. Twenty-seven months is more than a long nap…its willful blindness plain and simple. Game on!

From this moment on the light of heaven and heaven’s angels will carry the day. They will lift the hearts of Nick St. John in Nevada and Sheriff Damon Devereaux in Logan County Oklahoma as they restore integrity to local government while deflecting all arrows and removing all snares that would prevent the birthing of the Eagle Classical Christian Academy in Orange County, New York. They will lift up His anointed shepherds Kamal Saleem, Austin Kreutz, and our own Steve Offringa…The Psalmist cried, ‘WILT THOU NOT REVIVE US AGAIN; THAT THY PEOPLE MAY REJOICE IN THEE?  SHEW US THY MERCY, O LORD, AND GRANT US THY SALVATION” (PSALM 85:6-7)!  Should this not also be the sincere cry of God’s people today, a cry above all else for a genuine revival, sovereignly sent by the Holy Spirit?  Such a desperately needed revival only comes in response to an individual or people who are truly hungry and thirsty for the Lord Himself, as expressed by the writer of Psalm 42!  Such a revival must be deeply needed and desired, and it is not religiously created or orchestrated by the best of human efforts!  It is not merely a series of well delivered lectures about revival, nor is it produced by some paid academic who again delivers a favorite and well-rehearsed sermon!  Revival is not about religious art forms, pulpit theatrics, “cool” personalities or professional showboating of any kind in the house of God!  It is instead about a divine visitation from the Lord by His Spirit, in response to a people who need and desire, for example, an Isaiah 6 encounter with Him – one of deep conviction confession, and of cleansing, in order to be right with Him and ready for His use!  Revival is not easy or entertaining, but it certainly results in the joy of the Lord for all those who are truly reconciled and restored to Him, and also to each other as needed!  True revival is for God’s people, a work of conviction, confession, of cleansing and consecration; of sanctification and healing, and of preparation for vibrant witness, especially in the midst of expected affliction! 

Mark this day well my brothers and sisters. It is the first day of our eternal life and the legacy we were made to leave!

“that the God”, as Paul writes in Ephesians 1:17,18, “of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints,”

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