The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ SW #5 Intel

Our God Is Greater!

They passed through the Phrygian and Galatian region, having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia; and after they came to Mysia, they were trying to go into Bithynia, and the Spirit of Jesus did not permit them; ~ Acts 16:6,7

SW # 4 Re-cap:

Only by Prayer & Fasting:

  • “This Kind” engaging in Satanic Sacrifice.
  • “Half-Gospel/Hyper-Grace” modern churches have disarmed Christian men.
  • Our founders saw and warned us about medical tyranny 240 years ago.
  • United corporate prayer & fasting is the weapon the enemy fears most.

Last week I was awakened at 3am Wednesday morning with instruction to man the gates of homeowners/neighborhood associations with prayer teams to pray for a hedge of protection over the families therein. This past Wednesday I was given a dream which I awakened from at 3am:

I answered the call to battle…by myself. I stood alone in front of a general in full uniform, who stood in front of his own army. He had the arrogance of Goliath in his manner. I told him that we knew why the Pentagon was a pentagram, and how Washington DC was designed by satanic Freemasons, and of our betrayal in 1871. As I spoke these things, his countenance fell, and as his countenance fell his army withered…as growing ranks of angels and men gathered slowly and steadily behind me, until we outnumbered them and outmatched them with the boldness and confidence in our gaze alone, until at last they laid down their weapons and surrendered without so much as a shout or shot being fired. *

Intel is short for Intelligence. Last week’s SMTU caption-quote under the Derek Prince book cover entitled They Shall Expel Demons was, My people perish for lack of knowledge taken from Hosea 4:6. A person (or bot) named Mary, having read last Sunday’s SMTU on the Hudson Valley Freedom Coalition FB page commented, “‘Demons’. That is hilarious! Do you also believe in the boggy man?”  Basically, for the purpose of our discussion, there are two forms of intelligence; World (ie., CIA) and Supernatural (ie., Holy Spirit). We’ve already discussed the SW rule that the war we find ourselves in can never and will never be won without boots on the ground. I would also argue that we are equally doomed in battle without good Intel. 

It was the Holy Spirit Intel that forbid the Apostles to “speak the word” in Asia. It was Holy Spirit Intel that would not permit the Apostles to enter Bithynia. Was it World Intel or Supernatural Holy Spirit Intel that led a pastor I once knew to close the doors of his church, forbid him from ministering at the bedside of a dying woman of his congregation, fail to warn his flock of the “Drag Queen Story Hour” wolf seeking to devour the souls of their children, and permitted him to attend a Black Lives Matter Rally? My people perish for the lack of knowledge.

In fact, and a grotesquely sad fact at that, people are perishing all around us because they relied on what they think they know, fed to them by a thoroughly corrupt and evil system of World Intel…lacking the one essential nutrient that only Holy Spirit Intel can impart…discernment. I would argue that it is as unlikely for any man or woman imbued with Holy Spirit to act contrary to the will of God today, as it would have been for the Acts 16 Apostles to speak the word in Asia, and/or go into Bithynia. And yet how many intelligent Christians today allowed their smiles and the smiles of their children to be covered with a lie? How many allowed their bodies and the bodies of their children to be injected with a lie? And how many allowed their churches to be closed by the same lie that allowed liquor stores and Walmart to remain open? A Christian friend who told me he and his wife held out until the last minute before they each took two jabs, said they did so because “we had to.” He did not know who Klaus Schwab was, or anything about his “Great Reset”. So, we know from SW #4 that Christian men have been stripped of the most powerful weapon in spiritual warfare. And now we know they’ve been deprived of Intel as well. In other words, they lack weapons to fight the enemy they don’t know. My people perish for the lack of knowledge.

Holy Spirit, the ultimate and unlimited reservoir of eternal life, is only available to us by two means; the grace of God, and our faith. So, think of the African Savanah after the rains bring forth the lush freshness and beautify of new life and abundance…as a great revival of the waters of the Spirit bringing renewal, regeneration, and restoration…juxtaposed to where we have been. Actually…the Dust Bowl that brought our country to its knees in the 1930’s is the perfect analogy. Everything that we see as our world right now is about to collapse because of the spiritual dust bowl of death brought about by the “half-gospel/hyper-grace” modern churches. The solid majority of our nation’s pastors and priests have blood on their hands!  

The reality is that the players on the field are what counts. If we want to be honest about what we’re looking at, we’re looking at an offensive attack against us from Satan’s Army. You can imagine it goes something like this; Satan’s Army looks across the field and goes. ‘Satan, these are God’s children, we have no chance.’ And Satan laughs, and he says, ‘Sure, I told them to wear a mask and they bowed to me. I told them to take a shot and they bowed to me. I tell them to go inside their homes and they bow to me. I tell them to pay taxes and whatever I tell them, and they bow to me. They are not worthy. We are the ones who have the true rights to this world. So make it hurt, and make them never forget.’” ~ Scott Kesterson, using the crushing defeat of the arrogant Notre Dame football team by Oregon State on last night’s Fishers of Men.

My pastor lays it out perfectly in today’s preparatory devotional…

As we watch and wait for our Savior’s promised return, prophesied and escalating world events and overall conditions require that we prayerfully prepare for some very difficult days to immediately arrive!  Satan’s “New World Order” and his global “Reset” in preparation for the eventual debut of the Antichrist are already in motion, being implemented by his globalist and deceived followers around the world, both religiously and politically!  The compromised and apostate church is a major partner in this wicked process, a key player in the enemy’s master plan of progressive cultural Marxism to dissolve our Constitutional Republic into the godless one world and antichrist system!  Orchestrated social disorder, lawlessness, the undermining of the nuclear family, and the brainwashing of our children by a morally perverse educational system have reached an unprecedented level of insanity and threat to our survival as a nation!  Over the last many decades, much of the so-called evangelical church has defaulted in its battle against the sepsis of unrighteousness, being afraid to risk its own comfort and acceptance for the sake of God’s Word and the unadulterated Gospel of Christ!                  

Let us not be ridiculed or intimidated by the enemy, or succumb to any spirit of fear whatsoever!  May the Blood bought body of Christ be truly united in His mighty Name, standing together in both truth and love, and seeing precious souls come to Him while we are still here!  God forbid that any of us as the followers of Christ should be “bobbing for apples” or foolishly engaged in any of Satan’s other games, while the world around us perishes in sin! “{We} are all the children of the day; we are not of the night, nor of darkness” (2 Thessalonians 5:5)!  “The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.  Selah” (Psalm 46:11)! 

Do we believe we walk by faith not by sight?

Ever wonder where the man who once wrote the lyric, “When they said ‘sit down’ I stood up” went to? I wonder if there was a Bruce Springsteen in 1930’s Germany. I know there was a Dietrich Bonhoeffer…while the majority of German clergy and churchmen sang louder to overcome the screams from the passing rail cars.

* When I was a 21-year-old young man I had just returned to my family home in Wyckoff, NJ from California for a visit. On my first Saturday back, I arranged to meet some friends for a few beers at the Brownstone Inn, a popular local bar frequented by a pistol-packing thug named George Gasperini, who I knew nothing about at the time. After we had been there for about a half-hour or so, something drew me to the back of the bar near the parking lot where I happened to observe Gasperini bullying this poor guy half his size. What happened next was pure reflex. I saw wrong and acted…without so much as a thought. It was exactly like the dream I shared above. There I was face to face with a man older and bigger than me, armed with nothing but the right thing to do…when something made me turn around to see half the people in the bar were behind me, and I turned around and said to Gasperini, “Are you going to take us all on?” And it was over before it started.  

My brothers and sisters. Forcing an experimental, non-FDA-approved mRNA injection under threat of losing your job is coercion. It’s illegal…it’s the worst form of bullying…and its wrong. NOBODY has the power to make you do wrong, when you walk by faith, not by sight. We ALL need to stand together, trust in the Intel of the Holy Spirit to see the enemy before us…and Act!

Act and God will act! ~ Joan of Arc

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ SW #5 Intel

  1. Pastor Earl says:

    We live in challenging times, when the respectable Catholics running our media, government, schools and social services agencies (which include Faucci and Gates, Pelosi, Biden, Lindsey Graham, Ryan, Beohner and Fox News, PBS, CNN, MSNBC) are committing the idol worshipping practices, the God-of-the Bible calls “abominable” and for which God overthrows nations— the curses of which we are suffering, while those fighting for freedom are seen as outcasts.

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