The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ SW #7 The Question of Rank

The Ultimate Question

Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, which, having no captain, overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest. ~ Proverbs 6:6-8

SW #6 Re-cap

Discernment & Parable of the Ten Virgins:

  • We are unable to tell angels from devils without discernment.
  • We need to be able to “read the need in order to lead” per John C. Maxwell
  • We’ve tuned out the Spirit to focus on a “predetermined package of behaviors.” (JCM)

I was guided to make “The Question of Rank” the focus of SW #7 after being asked to submit my résumé in connection to my role in bringing a Classical Christian Academy to my community, followed by my morning Oswald Chambers read the very next day: By creation we are the children of God, we are not the sons and daughters of God by creation; Jesus Christ makes us sons and daughters of God by regeneration (John 1:12). ~ Oswald Chambers, Created in Regeneration

And I realized, as the reality of the true world has been incrementally revealing itself like the ever-so-slow developing polaroid in the Kevin Costner thriller No Way Out, that we are ALL living in a beast system that has created rank along with the standards of achievement as a way to build classes of elites and modern-day Pharisees who could be trusted to remain loyal to their gods, and trusted to be untrustworthy to the rest of humanity.

I realized as I was reassembling the last fifty years of my life for my résumé, how we’ve been conditioned to meet these standards of achievement…our social rank if you will. And I realized how chambers of commerce and county leadership programs were stealthily functioning to shape their members into conformation with the beast system paradigm. At the very same time our public education system was serving the beast system by programing our children to be compliant worker bees…what to think rather than how to think. The results have been catastrophic.

Proverbs instructs us to learn from the ants. Why? Could it be because they live as God designed and made them to live. Can we truly look around the mess we’ve made and say the same?

Lesson of the Ants (John C. Maxwell):

A– Attitude of Initiative. N– Nature of Integrity. T– Thirst for Industry. S– Source of Insight.

I reflected on the heroes of the Bible in a comparative attempt to consider the question of rank in God’s eyes. David’s father was dumbfounded over the fact that the prophet Samuel bypassed David’s brothers, all of whom ranked much higher in his eyes. But as we know from 1 Samuel 16 that God looks at the heart. Cannot the same be said of Gideon, Esther, and so many others? I would argue that the real question of rank is determined in God’s eyes rather than by the standards of man. After all, how was the Lord and Savior of ALL mankind ranked among men?

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the men and women who have faithfully served our country in any and all branches of our military. Our military is the home of honor since the birth of our nation. But so many of my brothers and sisters who gave their all for the country they love are now, thanks to men like the one pictured above, struggling with the agonizing question of who and what they were really serving all the while…

“The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ. That is unarguable. We are told that there is a harlot beast system, and we are supposed to come out of her because she is going to be absolutely trounced and judged. So, there’s your Exodus 2.0!” ~ Brad Cummings, The Founders’ Bible

Something indescribably profound is coming. We can continue to cling to our normalcy bias and ignore what every gut instinct is screaming to us to prepare for, OR we can change the channel of our programming and ready ourselves for what Pastor Brad Cummings refers to as our Exodus 2.0 moment in history. I want to challenge each of you, just as the Lord asked me to challenge our CLOTH (Christian LEADERS Of The Hudson) yesterday:

An esteemed member of our brethren challenged me to challenge ALL of you to RISE and take your place in the Leadership role so essential to CLOTH. While we are Followers of Christ, we are and must also be Leaders of a church so tragically and completely off the rails. Its why we are CLOTH and not CFOTH. Even we are slacking in our weariness as the hour approaches… Please consider that while all ten Mathew 25 virgins were baptized, not all filled their lamps…and while all in Goshen were Jews, not all of them dipped the hyssop and applied the blood. I am urging you all to please listen to the amazing 4-part interview with Founders’ Bible publisher Pastor Brad Cummings linked below. I PROMISE you it will be worth every second to hear him link The Ten Plagues to our present Exodus 2.0 moment. The “separation” is HERE!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Lastly, I will leave you with His marching orders sent to me by a friend only yesterday:

The Father says today; I am upgrading you from a soldier to a warrior. Warriors live for the battle. Warriors refuse to accept defeat. Warriors never relent and never surrender. The Warrior Spirit of Jehovah-Lord of Sabbath is within you this day. I am the God of Battles and the Lord of Hosts! I call you this very hour, not to the conscription of a draftee but a volunteer to the warfare of the ages! A soldier many times would avoid conflict if possible… I am calling you to a Warrior Ascension into the field of conflict that has only ONE outcome – the destruction of the enemy!

I have armed you and trained you, says the Father. I have picked you to be one of My elite special forces! You are skilled, and you are stealthy. You are audacious and brazen as you step into the battle. Look out at the fray and stare the challenge of the enemy in the face. You will not only see the enemy, but you will see Me as John the Revelator saw Me – with eyes like fire, feet like brass, and a sword proceeding out of My mouth. Allow the sword of My Spirit to cleave to your hand this day, says the Father until I make your enemies a footnote of your victory and put your foot in the neck of every challenge of the dark one!

As for the “leader” pictured at the top of the page…

And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?” ~ Acts 19:15

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