The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Renewing Our Minds…

…for their sake.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. ~ Romans 12:2

Re-new-al ~ an instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption.

Never has there been, and never will there be an interruption like the interruption we ALL experienced over two-thousand years ago. The very birth of that interruption we, as Christians, will celebrate once again twenty-one days from today. It is well beyond fascinating to me that the chapter following the Romans 12 quote above has been used and abused by the enemy to trick more than a few of my fellow Christians into being conformed to this world, and those tyrants who seek nothing less than being the only gods we’ll all be forced to conform to.

God’s grace built a non-conforming spirit into this particular model when He rolled me off the assembly line in 1953. It made for a very rough ride through turbulent times of hurts and pains, bumps and bruises, separations and disjointments, finally to arrive at a place of total and complete understanding of why it ALL had to be. He broke me into pieces and put me back together again on a Wyoming mountaintop in 2015.

Most everyone I know, Christian and unbeliever alike, have all conformed to the world. Which is to say, we all believe what the world would have us believe…on the right and the left. We don’t stop to realize that the enemy needs both right and left to succeed. Why? Seeing each other as the enemy draws our focus from OUR real enemy. The enemy would never have been able to administer an experimental mRNA non-FDA-approved EUA injection to an all left world, or an all right world. NEVER…in a million years.

At this moment in time, and it’s a crazy one, I see two American people:

  • Tyrannical WHO Pandemic Treaty Moving Ahead, Biden Expected to Sign (This Will Overrule the Constitution & All Elected Officials)… “we’re doomed!!!”
  • The White Hat Cavalry bugle will sound any second now, we will all be rescued, and we will all live happily ever after. “trust the plan!!”

Actually, there is a third and fourth. Mario Murillo encountered the third in Batavia, New York. He called it a “reluctant army”. Pastor Earl calls it the half Gospel of hyper grace church. I call it the Batavian spirit of lukewarm capitulation. Pastor Earl writes, “they have not been focused on the tough mindedness necessary to teach the whole Word of God from the whole counsel of God.” In a recent interview with Lance Wallnau, a tough-minded Mario says, “Right now, I haven’t got time to go with a reluctant army.” Listen HERE. Interestingly, the third has completely sealed itself off from any connection to the world outside itself…as ALL “political”.

Which leaves the fourth, otherwise known as Remnant. Bards Nation would be a great example!

“The war in my mind is this Neo-Marxist take-over of America. It is a theological war disguised as a political war. And when something is disguised as political, pastors don’t know what to do with it… The Social Justice goal is TOTAL assimilation. Conform, convert, or die.” ~ Pastor Jon Benzinger, author of Stand: Christianity v Social Justice Listen HERE

The sponsor of Social Justice happens to also be the sponsor of SRA ~ Satanic Ritual Abuse that is destroying the lives and souls of children in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in America and across the globe. That, my brothers and sisters, is what being conformed to this world has gotten us. The renewing of a mind conformed to the world sees men marrying men, more than two genders, and our children as prey. And, as Pastor Jon accurately points out, the rest of us must conform, convert, or die. Where do you stand? Where will you stand?

We must get hold of the great souls, the men who have been hard hit (Job, Paul) and have gone to the basis of things, and whose experiences have been preserved for us by God, that we may know where we stand. ~ Oswald Chambers, Seeking Faith’s Foundation

The beautiful child pictured above was 7-yr-old Athena Strand, kidnapped from her home in Boyd, Texas by FedEx delivery driver…found dead on Friday. WE can stop this. WE must!

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  1. As usual, you nailed it!!! Keep up the good work!

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