The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Standing on the Promise

Salvation is easy because it cost God so much, but the manifestation of it in my life is difficult. God does expect a man to be a man. God saves a man and endues him with His Holy Spirit, and says in effect, “Now it is up to you to prove it, work it out; be loyal to Me while the nature of things round about you would make you disloyal. I have called you friends, now stand loyal to your Friend.” His honor is at stake in our bodily life. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Duty of Loyalty

I am blessed by God to be in the company of some pretty amazing brothers and sisters for just such a time as this. Brother John in Texas writes me just the other day, “Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your world view, our fight will be exponentially more difficult. As for me, I thank God for giving me life during these times. Hard times tend to congregate real, God-fearing men.” As our brother Keith, who could teach a course on the Book of Enoch, checks in early this morning from the Left Coast with this…

“Check this out! Who knows how old this really is. Look at the quality of how incredibly detailed this is. We don’t do anything along the line of this ornate. We must be close. Sounds like under the Euphrates where the fallen angels are supposedly chained up, The Giants and their remains being more and more in the news. ‘Just in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns.’ God is trying to warn us. Remember, once they are let out of the abyss, they kill 1/3 of mankind. People need to hear this.

Please get this out to the group bro!” Fallen Angel 

And this brings us to my newly discovered brothers in Liberty, New York. When we learn to listen to Him and let God lead, He leads us to exactly where we need to be. He led me to an amazing group of pastors and church leaders who meet once a month for prayer, praise, and breakfast. I was encouraged, inspired, and uplifted by the group that averages twenty or better when I attended my first meeting this past November. They thanked God for women and called on men to step up and reclaim their leadership role in their families, their churches, and their communities. I was so impressed, I brought my own pastor, and another pastor from our area to the December meeting.

But then something strange happened. I detected a different spirit at the breakfast meeting in January. It was a spirit that sought to quench the Spirit I first discovered. It was a spirit I was very familiar with, having encountered it in my former church. It goes by many names, and speaks with many voices, but it was the “No Politics Allowed In Here!” voice heard loud and clear last month by both my self and brother Sanford, also from my church. I felt it was not my place to question it at the time, but the Lord put it on my heart the next day after reading Pastor Steve’s devotional preparational he had penned around the time the Liberty brothers were laying down the new house rules…rules that Pastor Steve would have had no way of being aware of:

The attack against established Biblical truth, and especially against the sanctity of God-given personhood, is a satanic, fierce and most dangerous one, aimed at destroying established faith and family values!  As those who believe in absolute Biblical principle, we have both the right and the responsibility to stand for truth and to expose the evil around us, regardless of what others may say of us!  And, don’t let anyone accuse you of being merely “political” for standing up for truth!  Was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. just “political” for standing against the wickedness of racial hatred, even in the church?  Is antisemitism something just “political” in nature?  What about the torturous decapitating and dismembering of unborn babies, the demonic sexualizing of our children, their moral brainwashing in a sociopathic educational system, or the tyranny of big pharma, and of what has become the new corporate medical industry”?  Just “political”?  If you think so, you are probably a good candidate for what’s ahead, including the mark of the beast, unless you truly repent and follow Christ, even to death (Revelation 12:11)!  Are we on the Lord’s side, or are we the fearful victims of the world’s ungodly delusion?  Dr. King said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. ~ Pastor Steve Offringa of Howells Church, Saturday Morning January 14, 2023

Yes, Holy Spirit did not have to whack me upside my head to have me realize my iron-sharpens-iron obligation to my Liberty brothers, but He did anyway! So I reached out to both the hosting pastor and the good brother who handles the music and the communications for the group, and shared what really amounts to a Hosea 4:6 concern. My people perish for lack of knowledge. And, of course, what has the enemy succeeded in labeling as “political”? The very things we as Christian men and women need knowledge of. And the real test…what is the scriptural basis for such a rule?

In any case, as the time drew near for this month’s gathering, I felt a growing trepidation in my soul as the situation remained undiscussed and subsequently unresolved…right up to the time of the meeting which occurred yesterday morning. What should I do? What did I do? I did what all Christians should do, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide me. The Holy Spirit answered me with, “Relax, I’ve got this.” And, as He promised, so it turned out. I did not realize until that morning, yesterday morning that Sanford was bringing the message to the Liberty pastors. And I am more than delighted to tell you that his John 17:21 call to unite and stand together was very warmly received by the entire room…not a trace of the quenching spirit from the prior month.

So, what does this all add up to? The united fish meme, which I love for the fact that the fish is the recognized symbol of Christianity, illustrated above is a wonderful visualization…but we are not there. Oswald Chambers could see us from one hundred years ago why we’re not. As brother John concluded in his note, “Like Colonel Travis at the Alamo, when we accepted Christ as our Savior, we became committed enemies to the world, I am glad to be on your team!”  That, my brothers and sisters, is the committed school of John 17:21 fish the shark fears most. Time to stand and turn some tables, amen?

If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Savior, I strongly encourage and implore you to do so now. Ask Him into your heart and do it now. Accept Him as your Lord & Savior and repent and ask His forgiveness. It is, as Oswald states above, as easy as that.

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Standing on the Promise

  1. Beverly says:

    Accept Jesus as Lord? ..He is Lord.
    After believing this, continue with his command to be baptized. Please don’t forget this step. Baptism is a circumcision of your former life, a rising out of the water to a new life. Do a deep dive study on circumcision from Genesis, it’s awesome to put it all together. The book, “Genesis 12-33”, by John MacArthur is excellent.
    Also remember that no one in the NT celebrated their salvation until AFTER their baptism.

    Love how you’re spreading the Word but be sure to share the complete word.

    Love also how you’re giving us courage to speak the truth about our country.

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