The Fool on the Hill

“Day after day,
Alone on a hill,
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
But nobody wants to know him,
They can see that he’s just a fool,
And he never gives an answer,

But the fool on the hill,…”- Paul McCartney

I used to think a good Hollywood Makeup Artist had a pretty secure gig. But they’ve just taken a backseat to our POTUS Makeup Artists, The Mainstream Media! Every single day the Dark Lord’s minions must leap higher hurdles to turn the shit to shinola! And what a steaming pile this turd has become! There has to come a point where our State-Run Media’s heels simply won’t be able to clear the bar, no?

Part of the problem for them is that they have bought their own art! They have invested so much of themselves into believing the fool is a genius, they have no recourse but to spin and weave more feverishly each day…just to maintain the façade. Oh, what a tangled web…The only thing more rare than a sunny day in Dublin is a moral compass on Capitol Hill! Lets’ take a closer look at the Capitol Spinsters’ yarn shall we?

• Obama capped Osama? The fool was dragged off the golf course by Panetta to witness the results of a Bush strategy delivered by Navy Seals…and enhanced interrogation!

• Obama’s Economic Plan? A hiring bonanza at McDonald’s!

• Obama’s “touch of class” White House? Shakespeare is a racist sexist, Rapper Common is the renaissance man! Sorry Willy!

• Obama’s Energy Plan? Get a bike…or a horse. Both are more reliable than a Volt!

It is miles beyond foolish for an American President to admonish American Businessmen, demanding them to hire…while uttering, “There’s nothing more important than a Government job.”…it’s UNAMERICAN!

I’m not sure how this story ends…I just hope and pray that 2012 does not paint the American People as the bigger fool!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to The Fool on the Hill

  1. Whendeeann says:

    What our ‘free press’ has become, and more importantly, what they have done to America, is a huge bone of contention with me. When it comes to an uniformed electorate, I place a great deal of the blame on the main stream media. Rather than research the facts, and give both sides to every story, (i.e. TELL THE TRUTH), they do nothing more than regurgitate press releases. They have failed miserably in their role as America’s watchdogs, instead turning into ideological lapdogs, spewing propaganda.

    On the bright side is the fact that more and more Americans have become enlightened to the one-sided reporting, as evidenced by falling ratings and cancelled subscriptions. Sadly, the news media refuses to acknowledge that their shoddy professional practices have caused the slump in their industry. I’m sure they are all sitting in their ivory towers, pitying the “unwashed masses” who just “don’t understand.”

  2. Diane Varacek says:

    I can’t remember the last time I watched the news on 2, 4, or 7. Oh, wait, yes I can. It was when Katie Couric tried to make like Brenda Starr when interviewing Sarah Palin and made a fool of herself. And when Charlie Gibson peered over his glasses at Sarah Palin acting like a pompous jackass during their interview. I yelled a few choice words at the tv, changed it to FOX and that was that. The main stream media is full of reciters, not reporters. Now that we know George Soros has bought into so much of the media outlets, we see why Obama has gotten such a glowing review from campaign to present.
    But, they can’t keep up the pace much longer. Do you see what has been happening? It’s not only the Tea Party that’s fighting back. I had such a wonderful feeling of hope when I saw the LSU students rising up against the destruction of the war memorial at the university after OBL was killed last week. A student was going to burn the flag in protest, and the students protested against the flag burning protest in massive numbers. This has never happened. It’s always the other way around. The police are always taking the poor Conservative student away in the police car. Now it was the lefty being hauled away with the shouts of USA following him off campus. I wasn’t happy that they threw things, but I was glad that they stood up for their freedoms.
    On Glenn Beck’s show today his audience was full of college Republican/Conservatives who have been through hell, but still stand firm in their beliefs and still know they need to spread the word around. There is great hope for the future when they are willing to go head to head with their Socialist professors and change the path this Republic is headed.
    This fool on the hill will not be there much longer because now the young ones are wising up and waking up too!

    • shutupnsing says:

      Thanks D, I hadn’t folloed the LSU incident, but I’m not surprised…having lived down there for a couple of years. I saw the Beck show with the College students too…I loved their GPA redistribution project! It was very encouraging!

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