The Top 10 Most Wanted!

We’re all familiar with the term Enemy of the State…it’s almost a cliché. In fact, they made a movie by the same name with Will Smith and Gene Hackman. A headline up on Drudge this morning inspired a new term to my mind. The HEAD of the International Monetary Fund was taken off a flight in New York as he was attempting to flee the country after sodomizing (allegedly) a 32-year-old motel maid.

The # 1 man at the TOP of the worlds MONEY machine! This is the quality of character with the power to influence interest rates & currency valuations? Talk about a finger on the trigger!

Enemy of the People is the term that popped into my head after reading this. And then enemy became enemies as I imagined the good ole’ boys at the top of the table…the table that magically holds all the bucks. And yet, not a single buck ever seems to stop here! Now that’s what I call magic! So while most of us are either glued to the American Idol Top Three…or our next NASCAR weekend, I wonder what the TOP 10 MOST WANTED Enemies of the People are up to, hmm?

1) George Soros- New World Order George! Linked to 30 News Organizations! Broke the Bank of England!
2) Barack Hussein Obama- The one man with the power to overwhelm and collapse the American Financial System…who is doing just that!
3) Ben Bernanke- The HEAD of our CENTRAL BANK, living up to all of the evils the Founders had predicted!
4) Timothy Geithner- The TAX CHEAT in charge of OUR checkbook and very much in the wheelhouse of the SS SHIP OF FOOLS that brought us here!
5) Al Gore- The man who sold his soul to the New World Order, will ironically find a very warm climate in the afterlife!
6) Lloyd Blankenfeld- The man who sold Wall Street to the New World Order!
7) Michael Bloomberg- The face of America’s RULING CLASS!
8) Barney Frank- The face of CORRUPT CAREER POLITICIAN, and our best argument for TERM LIMITS!
9) Jeffrey L. Bewkes- The CEO of our PRAVDA (Time-Warner)!
10) Jeffrey R. Immelt- The Captain of the SS Corporate Cronyism…charting a new course to the GREENER pastures of OBAMAVILLE!

Well there you have it folks…not etched in stone by any stretch. A work in progress you might say. But make no mistake; these faces should be hanging in every post office across this land…and the rest of the world! While thousands of fellow citizens languish behind bars for spitting on the sidewalk, the fingerprints of the TOP 10 will be all over the crime scene of the greatest theft in the history of the world!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Top 10 Most Wanted!

  1. Diane B. Varacek says:

    Chip, you hit the nail on the proverbial head. When I saw the list you made, I got a chill up my spine and realized just how much trouble our Republic is in. Add to each name their own personal flock of minions. Obama has his Marxist czars du jour, headed by none other than Cass Sundstein who is nudging us all into our own personal prisons. Each and every one of his “people” hate America for one reason or another. There really should be a top 11, because I really feel our chinless AG Eric Holder should be residing in that spot. He has done everything in his power to make the DOJ into the Department of Injustice. I feel J. Christian Adams, who left the DOJ when he testified about the New Black Panther case being tossed out, is an honorable man and he is the sort of attorney I would want fighting for my freedoms in the DOJ. It seems as though the honorable people are being villified in this administration and the dishonest ones are rising up in the ranks. I’d say we have a problem. If a middle class, 61 year old, disabled, wife, grandmother, and Tea Party Patriot can see this then we are not as stupid as the left think we are. In fact, I think they are getting downright sloppy, brazen, and too sure of themselves. They think because of the 2008 election they’ve won it all. It’s like 2010 never happened…but it did, and 2012 will be worse for them because like Slick Willie said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” We are a country of laws, not of men, and these top ten fools will never understand it.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Amazing isn’t it? (Thanks D!) I had the same reaction, as the list took shape on paper! And I’ve also had no problem coming up with other “well deserving” names…perhaps none as deserving as Sunstein & Holder….but Trumka belongs up there as well for sure! Maybe some smart entreprenuer type will come up with an idea that will capitalize on this….like the desert storm playing cards where Sadam was the ace of spades…hehehe!

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