The Fakebook Cocktail Party & the Culture of Death ~ Warning- Painful Truth Inside!

It was reported yesterday that as many as 

Death at 5 Months

83 million Facebook accounts (nearly 10%) are registered to fake people! So now their stock woes are compounded by the fact that their advertisers, who were already skeptical about marketing to adolescent social-voyeur-zombies, are forced to add dead people and cartoon characters to the equation!

How much FB did you buy? The stock closed Thursday at $20.04. Another 5 percent decline would bring it to $19 – half of its initial offering price of $38! Too bad they didn’t tell us about the bogus accounts before the offering eh, Mr. “laughing all the way to the bank” Zuckerberg! But don’t stop at Zuckerberg…Think of the madness of a culture that points the finger of shame (with 20/20 vision I might add) at Chick-fil-A, yet turns a blind eye to this Regime’s Cronies laughing all the way to the bank. Billions stolen from MFG & PFG, and no one held accountable! LIEBOR ~ The largest financial scandal in history isn’t enough to break the Zynga Spell or otherwise quell the rhythm of the Cocktail Party. A half a percent to us may have meant little, but to the wolves encircling us it is Trillions and all that Trillions buys!

Oh, excuse me…I had to turn from FB to MTV to catch the Wakebrothers  so I could learn that batteries & boobs are measured the same way. To think I almost missed that…

This past Thursday, I had two experiences that offer wonderful insight to those with eyes to see. During breakfast with a networking group I witnessed a drama coach beaming over the fact that the #1 issue on the minds of his students in a world on the brink of collapse…is gay marriage! “They just don’t understand what all the fuss is about”, he said. “That’s because they’ve been misinformed” I replied as eyes rolled. 🙂

 Next I had lunch with one of my favorite people on the planet. This man would take a bullet before he would consciously bring harm to another human being. One of the most compassionate people I have ever met, who has actually volunteered his time and skills as a mediator mediating one of the greatest if not the greatest conflict in history…between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Yet we conflicted on the subject of objective versus subjective truth. He substituted absolute for objective, looked me in the eye and proclaimed that “absolute truth is responsible for more death and destruction than any other force in history”, which naturally places him in the subjective camp along with the drama coach and his students.

I would argue it the other way around. I would say that every ounce of the suffering we are presently enduring and are about to endure are all the direct result of our perversion of the accountable objective into a virtually unlimited and unaccountable subjective! The scandals mentioned above along with the 2008 collapse and the imminent collapse of the Euro would not be possible in the light of objective truth. The drama students are understandably perplexed because they have been intentionally deprived of their access to the objective foundation…Holy Scripture! And in its place they have been handed a bowl of mush called subjective tolerance. Oh if we could all hitch a ride on the minds of our children as they navigate the river of subjective poison streaming 24/7 via FB, MTV and God knows what else on our cable service feed!

Facebook is a Cocktail Party in Auschwitz people! And it is hosted by none other than a Tyrant’s best friend, Subjective Truth! The subjective nostrils find the most amazing ways to explain away the objective stench of death…while they are picking your pocket’s clean! If you can tear yourself away from Gem Battle, War Flash 2, this tag and that poke; we need to wake up people! We need to lovingly shake the compassionate mediator from his spell and confront him with the “absolute” torturous pain a 23 week old fetus experiences while the mediator mingles and dallies…he who would never consciously hurt another. I would argue desperately for his sake, this is an absolute truth he had better confront while he may.

The unborn baby is ripped apart, limb by limb, before the baby’s tiny head is crushed. Imagine the pain the defenseless child feels.

I would lovingly ask my Congresswoman how a “present” vote on the DC Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would save her. “Insane” maybe…  This bill would have made selective abortion at 5 months based on gender illegal! How in this world does one who can muster the compassion to support an “Anti-Bully” Rally not find the heart to end the most heinous act of bullying on the planet? An act of bullying that has claimed 52 million victims…and counting! But if you have the time for a Mother’s Love…  …and God grants us the smelling salts in time…who knows? …and if you’re still Wondering Why

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to The Fakebook Cocktail Party & the Culture of Death ~ Warning- Painful Truth Inside!

  1. Jodi Sander says:

    This blog was one of the most disturbing. Mostly due to the picture that you chose to put up where ANYONE can see them. I don’t think that your blog is kept from the eyes of those that do not expect to see such a thing and I am offended. This is regardless to my feelings on the subject.

    On another note, your statement that there is just one ABSOLUTE TRUTH is again, disturbing to those of us that understand that there are billions of people on this planet, and many have a very different view of what truth is. So, unless you have a direct link to God himself, you cannot know with ABSOLUTE certainty that what YOU believe as the Truth is in fact the only truth. It is fine to say that this is what you believe and that this is YOUR truth, but do not tell me that you know that your truth is the only truth. That would just be too arrogant. Because then I am forced to say, you could not be more wrong. And that would be the absolute truth.

  2. Chip says:

    (Scratching head)…but I thought you said there were no absolutes???

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