The Sunday Morning Tune-up, August 12th 2012 Edition

I woke up this morning…yes, I am going to start with a little bit of the blues today. I woke up this morning to a cold splash of reality from Ann Barnhardt (Extreme Language Warning).

Ann posted an email she had received to underscore the darker reality of the world we are living in. It was a splash made colder for me because the sender of the toxic slime hails from the same town I live in…Warwick, NY. 😦

Good Morning Dear Friend! I guess we all need a cold splash now and then. Yes, I know that there have always been sicko’s among us…but in the same way that we experience an increase in criminal activity in relation to economic downturns, we also experience an increase in demonic activity in relation to spiritual downturns.

                                       The Great Vanishing Act

Yesterday I wrote The Enemy of My Eminence is My Enemy to call attention to Cardinal Dolan’s disgraceful act of appeasement in honoring the man who is attempting to make God disappear! What has been the covert ambition of the Secular-Humanists for the past century, has become the overt mission of Barack Hussein Obama. He literally made God disappear at Georgetown by covering any and all traces of him with black drapes! And Dolan will applaud him on October 18th…the clever politician that he is. Can anyone reading these words imagine Obama committing such a heinously vile and despicable act in relation to anything Muslim…and then be honored by an Imam or Muslim Cleric? What is it about the Christian faith that they seem so determined to vanquish?

If Ann is right, Mr. Leli is more rule than exception in today’s world…more so today than the day before and the day before that. We’ve all heard the expression, he/she lights up the room. As a societal body, our days of lighting up the room are far behind us. We baby-boomers remember the days we used to. Sadly, those younger have no such memory. The quality of moral wholesomeness was the abundant nutrient in our fiber back then…kind of like the quality of fruits and vegetables plucked from the naturally nurtured garden of tender loving care. But we have since become the tasteless and colorless consequence of the depleted soil, or worse…synthetically engineered perfection pumped full of chemicals we can’t even pronounce! All show and no substance…with fewer and fewer exceptions.

I am afraid we are on the brink of a darkness you cannot begin to imagine…A darkness that we have brought upon ourselves. It turns out that we were not able to keep our Republic! We have morally anesthetized ourselves by cutting ourselves off from the very source of our fuel…we have all but completely deprived our garden of the precious sun!…as we watch the latest bumper crop of political potatoes promise a nutrition they know they can never deliver! We fell fast asleep from the outside in…our only salvation will come from the inside out! I have never made a more certain promise in my entire life! The following video is guaranteed to chase the blues away!  🙂


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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