The Other Hand

My gas gauge is broken and I use my odometer to let me know when it’s time to fill up…which it failed to do yesterday morning! So I sputtered to a stop not far from my home which happens to be miles from the nearest gas station. But lucky for me I landed right in front of the Bill Johnson farm while Bill and neighbor Bruce (also a farmer) were standing at the fence. It was the best “ran out of gas” experience I’ve ever had.

First off, the next best place to run out of gas besides in front of a gas station is in front of a farm! They are the last bastions of self-sufficiency left on the planet I do believe. Secondly, I was able to harvest more common sense in the few sentences from these two men on a fence in ten minutes then has trickled out of the rat hole in Washington for the past 20 years! And he wouldn’t take my money…just to sharpen the contrast! 🙂

It’s a great thing to have good neighbors and I hope you are as fortunate. I had stopped into my local bank this past weekend and noticed a big shiny gold piece sitting in the teller’s coin tray. I asked her about it and she said “People are becoming desperate…”, telling me that some regular customer had wanted to exchange it for cash with no clue what it was worth. My guess would be about $700-$900 with gold at around $1,600 per oz now. Poor thing! We’re probably looking at $9-11,000 per oz around the corner!

Now how’s that for a contrast? From the self-sufficient flow of common sense on the farm to just another victim of the politician’s other hand in the village. That my friends, is our global metaphor of the day! I’ll have to admit that Romney and Ryan offer a very refreshing contrast to the negativity flow from Obama and Biden…but as usual in Washington, it’s the things they don’t tell you that you need to know about. And it’s always the other hand you have to watch because at the end of the day…blue, red, Democrat or Republican…a rat hole is still a rat hole!



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