The Coup de Grace & the American Fool

If you have ever been to a bull fight, you know they generally don’t end well for the bull. The key to the great fights are to provide the crowd with the belief that the contest is even which is accomplished with a spirited bull and the matador’s natural flare for acting.

After the crowd has gotten their money’s worth, the matador delivers the coup de grace…the final death blow to the beast that was dead before it entered the ring. And that is exactly the fate of the American Fool!

Still they move their lips and you nod your heads! You let them indoctrinate your children, provide your news, moderate your debates and turn your churches into empty shells. How do you enter the ring at all? What lies do you tell yourselves to keep up appearances…while they literally drain every last ounce of life and self-respect from the very marrow of your bones? Show me a bigger fool in the entire universal history of fools!!!

I am appealing to the last sliver of self-respect that any and all might possibly muster. The sword is coming! The choice is ours ~ We can go down in a stupor of disgrace as a pathetic footnote in history…hopelessly plugged into their cable feed. Or, we can arm ourselves with the sobering knowledge of what we’ve allowed to happen and prepare for it. The former is a guaranteed one way ticket to Hell. The latter is a shot at redemption!

Choose wisely my friend!

                                     The Economy is Going to Implode

Part 1 ~

Part 2 ~

Part 3 ~

Part 4 ~

Part 5 ~

Part 6 ~

Part 7 ~

Part 8 of 8 ~

Of course there is that one very famous photograph where it didn’t work out so well for the matador…he sort of got “it” in the end. I’d say that bull knew what he was fighting for…wouldn’t you?


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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