The Patriot Do’s & Don’ts for 2013!


  • Remember we are right!

For the very same reason that a handful of farmers were able to defeat the most heavily armed and well equipped empire in the world, we will prevail. And that is guaranteed because we have chosen (at great costs perhaps) to be on the side of right. We can never forget this first and most important fact!

  • Do what you do!

Find what it is that you love to do…what it is that connects you to the flames of your passions…revealing your unique talents…and harness it to the cause!

  • Record for posterity!

Keep a diary or a journal. Write letters to the editor making your position abundantly clear. We all will have to answer to future generations for what we do here today. Imagine the endless line of wishes from the endless graves in time of those who left no such markers…leaving their ancestors to imagine the worst!

  • If you haven’t found God, find him. If you’ve found him, commit to him. If you’ve committed to him, introduce him to everyone you can!

I can think of no form of strength and sustenance more crucial to our cause than to truly know the very source of our greatest gifts!

  • Hate the sin but love the sinner!

The Evil we fight will eventually collapse under the weight of its own monstrous web of lies and deceptions. This simple Christian tenet is far more easily conveyed to others than applied by ourselves…but it is one of the most powerful arrows in our quiver! The Elite hold no such principle and as a result, what part of them might be spared from the weight of their own deception will be consumed by the toxin of their own hate!

  • Feed the Flower of Courage!

This is a must! I’ve mentioned our most powerful weapons. Theirs’ is without a doubt the arrow of demoralization. The best way to defend against that is to reach out and support courage at every level; local, regional & national! When someone in your community sticks his head up to defend our traditional and founding values, call them, write them, LET THEM KNOW you have their back! When Bishop Jenky of Peoria takes on the Godless, he draws the darkness to himself! Give him the light of your encouragement! It means everything!!!

  • Be Prepared!

This could be an entire entry unto itself. God has given us ample warning and I am most certainly preaching to the choir here. The integrity and strength of our local neighborhoods and community will be paramount in the face of what is coming. Family first, neighborhood second, local & regional in succession…Know what you will need to have when the unimaginable occurs in order to survive. We have never been here before!

Please feel free to add any Do’s & Don’ts I may have missed. I wish you all God’s speed in 2013 my brothers & sisters!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Patriot Do’s & Don’ts for 2013!

  1. erick says:

    Sound advice Chip. May God bless us all with faith, wisdom and courage in the coming year. Erick

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