Dancin’ With the Devil

Dolan's Grand Bargain!

Dolan’s Grand Bargain!

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Romantic Walk

Romantic Walk

NY Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan and NJ Governor Chris Christie have entered into the New Year sharing a very interesting and painful bond. They have both been very publically played and displayed for the fools extraordinaire they’ve allowed themselves to be! This leaves the rest of us scratching our heads and wondering if they still remain clueless as to whom it is they are dealing with. I know their constituents in Breezy Point, Staten Island and much of the Jersey Shore now understand!

If you’re shaking your head and thinking to yourself that Boehner was Christie’s foil and not Obama then, with all due respect, you haven’t figured out who Obama is yet either. I’m not prepared to claim that Obama is The One Mick introduced us to in Sympathy for the Devil. But I will very confidently tell you that The Adult in the Room, as his fawning media followers have delighted in calling him, is really The Diabolical One in the Room!

Is there a room he has come into and walked out of, leaving the people in that room feeling good about themselves and each other? The answer is NO…unless it was an SEIU Rally. Generally speaking, we’ve been at each other’s throats since he walked into our house four years ago. That my friends, is how Diabolical operates! Divide & Conquer!

So this raises the question how do two intelligent people like Cardinal Dolan and Governor Christie allow themselves to be played so? It’s almost easier to explain and understand Christie wanting to put his suffering constituents before politics. I cannot see into the man’s heart, and would prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt in this matter. The Archbishop is a completely different story in my view. I do not need to see into his heart to know that his actions have betrayed God Almighty, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Catholic Church and the very trust of all of us who believe in her!

And I know this. No two people did more to grant legitimacy to the Diabolical One when he needed it the most than these two. No two events could have sealed the deal more effectively than the brotherly love served up at the Al Smith Dinner, and that romantic walk along the Jersey Shore!

One last thing about The Diabolical One you need to know. He wants EVERYTHING! He wants more than you have to give. So I will leave you with these two wonderfully appropriate quotes from the blogs of my two favorite Freedom Fighters yesterday:

Party is Out! Principle is In! http://thedifferencesofus.com/2013/01/04/are-you-with-me/

“Molon labe.” Come and take them. http://barnhardt.biz/




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