From Soft to Hard

No, this is not a post on the wonders of Viagra…although America could certainly benefit from a pill that would induce her MANHOOD to rise to the occasion! No, I am referring to the natural evolution of Tyranny…from Soft Tyranny as Mark Levin has so accurately described, to the very doorstep of Hard Tyranny where we find ourselves today. Lets’ call this place Firm Tyranny shall we?

There were two stories that I happened to come across this past Tuesday that made me realize we are several steps closer to Hard Tyranny than I had previously thought. The first had to do with the owner of the Journal News (Now famous for demonizing law-abiding citizens with their gun-owner map!). It seems that government contractor Joseph Martore, husband of Gannett Publishing Owner Gracia Martore, enjoys business with the State of New York to the tune of somewhere between $70-300 Million!

And then I read how Bank of America is doing the Globalists’ bidding by targeting gun manufacturers and distributors. (Most of us are already aware of the UN’s stacked deck against the America we grew up in and our closest ally on the planet, Israel.)

WOW! Isn’t that interesting? All these nice, compassionate and caring politicians, business elite and bankers who are so concerned for our safety they are willing to take away the only thing that stands between us and the final curtain of Hard Tyranny! I think we’ve been way too harsh and critical of our political representatives…what do you think? I even forgot to send my representatives a Christmas Card! 😦

Soft Tyranny– There is no razor wire or jackboot thugs with guard dogs here because it’s only the mind they are after at this point. All they require initially is access to the public education system and a nifty little tool we call Political Correctness…which happens to be far more effective than razor wire anyway! Hollywood will take care of the rest!

Firm Tyranny– After truth and common sense have been effectively marginalized, the Bishops bought, the churches silenced, the patriots lampooned and the critical mass of those dependent on government reached, we enter into the most dangerous time of day…the Twilight. This is the purgatory shadow-land between heaven and hell where integrity and honor are nowhere to be found…where flaccid manhood shoves country, women and children aside in hot pursuit of self-preservation. Rule of Law is DEAD~–sector.html We eat our young and our old here!

Hard Tyranny- I will never live to tell about it…

“Acknowledging the Obama Putsch Regime as legitimate government is an act of explicit consent!” ~ Ann Barnhardt

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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