It’s All Athens to Me!

The 13 minute YouTube at the end of this piece is a wonderfully powerful documentary about a true story known and memorialized as The Battle of Athens. It’s a remarkable story that takes place in rural 1946 Tennessee when the corrupt political regime in power attempts to retain its stranglehold by literally stealing the ballot boxes on Election Day, which they succeed in doing…until they are confronted by a handful of WW11 veterans and our 2nd Amendment. This is worth every second of your time!

The only two things that separate local corruption from global corruption are the degree of power and the amount of money. Period! Every other parameter remains the same; human nature, right, wrong, truth, lies, fear, courage, cowardice, temptation, moral strength and lack thereof!

You and I are living in a much darker and more dangerous Global Athens at this very moment in time…with one very disturbing difference between the 1946 Athens and the 2013 Athens. Today’s corrupt political regime is looking desperately to get to the armory before the citizens realize what is happening. Please send this to every single friend and family member you have. The ghosts of millions are screaming out to us from Tyranny’s endless graves, “DO NOT LET THEM!”

Know your rights and duties as an American Citizen!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to It’s All Athens to Me!

  1. junglenut says:

    Thanks for sharing that! Yes, it is a powerful video for showing why we can’t let Obama take away our 2nd Amendment or we will not have any 1st Amendment. Those two Amendments go hand in hand.

  2. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    So Chip,Do you think Americans will stand up to the machine or not? BTW, we haven’t been standing up to the incredibly blatant voter fraud conducted by the Democrats in my lifetime! Our election system has become a farce like the one in Venezuela. I cannot for life of me understand why all states haven’t ALWAYS had positive proof of eligibility required to vote. That they do not nor ever have says this society does not value its more important right, the sovereignty of this nation, and indeed itself!

  3. shutupnsing says:

    Yeah Marty…I think this is the proverbial line my friend. Judging by the mind-boggling sky-rocketing gun and amo sales abd Twitter feeds…along with spiking NRA membership, I’d say America is having a “Go ahead…make my day!” moment with King Obama!

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