The Left’s “Bad Day”

As an American unwilling to subject myself to the coronation of America’s destroyer, I chose instead, to watch “King” on the History Channel yesterday (I live in a divided household as do many Americans here in Obamaville…so cutting the Cable is not an option!) and had an amazing revelation I would like to share.

Watching the physical reaction to the black marchers on the faces of many of the white southerners in 1968, I recognized the pure and seething hatred from a fresh perspective. For the first time in my life, I was seeing the hater with the eyes of the hated! In that moment I realized that the exact same manifestation of that hatred is alive and well today on the faces and in the hearts and souls of the American Left as they look out on the new freedom marchers, Conservative Americans!

I believe I know why that is. I believe I understand why there is no such level of pure hate in the hearts of Conservatives towards the Left. Yes, we carry anger…but anger and hatred are spark and inferno. One is fleeting while the other is all-consuming. With a computer, the internet and an objective eye, a five minute search will yield a treasure trove of the most noxious and venomous swill imaginable, hurled mightily and daily from Left to Right. Whereas, a search for even a remotely similar energy moving from Right to Left will more often than not, yield you an empty net! Why is that?

I challenge anybody to bring any other finding to this post! The other stark difference is this. Whatever attacks you do come across from Right to Left, tend to target the policies or actions of the individual(s), where almost all of the assaults from the Left are viciously and devastatingly personal. The Progressive Radical Left are the virtual Masters of the Politics of Personal Destruction! This is an art-form impossible to master without Hatred as the primary fuel…but where does this seething hatred come from?

Recognizing this hatred along with the experience of having gone from being a citizen to becoming a target in my own country over the past four years, I have come to the following conclusion. What the Left craves beyond all things is absolution!  But absolution to the mind of the Left is nothing short of Absolute Conformation! In the same way a tree that falls in the forest with no one there to hear it, has not fallen…55 million innocent lives ripped to pieces in their mother’s wombs with no one left to protest the crime, is not murder!  In other words, in order for the Left to achieve what it ultimately craves, we Conservatives must either conform (submit) to their new world order…or die. Sound familiar? Perhaps this helps to explain their strange but cozy bedfellow-relationship with Islam!

Truth is the foundation of our Liberty! And Truth follows an indelible straight line directly back to The Cross, the only source of True Absolution! True Conservatives will NEVER Submit! We cannot absolve, we can only forgive…which leaves the Left Frustrated and Damned! I don’t mean to rain on their inauguration, but that’s what most of us would call a bad day…and it will last forever! 🙂


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Left’s “Bad Day”

  1. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    and sadly, our GOP leadership steps behind the door with the Left and undermines is almost weekly. Can’t wait to hear what McConnel does over the filibuster.

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