The Gravity of Collectivism

Punishment is now unfashionable… because it creates moral distinctions among men, which, to the democratic mind, are odious. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility. ~ Thomas S. Szasz

Gravity~ n. 1. seriousness 2. weight 3. Physics gravitation; esp., the pull on bodies toward earth’s center.

Gravitation~ n. Physics force of mutual attraction between masses.

Think of November 6th in the context of a rather large and dangerous mass of cosmic alien junk…a huge space turd if you will. Originating as a speck of dust in some celestial twilight zone on the Left side of space, this intergalactic crap cluster has grown in size and velocity as it draws closer to its center of gravitation at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC!

On November 6th, the Giant Turd of Collectivism pierced the earth’s atmosphere completely unchallenged! On the light side of November 6th original thought was the neglected and harmless house pet. On the dark side of November 6th it is the hunted beast along with those who would offer it aid and comfort! The gradual has become the sudden…Right and Wrong, the antiquated obsession of the quaint-minded…We must ALL Lean Forward (MSNBC) and Rise Above (CNBC) now, or forever Fall Behind and Sink!

Obama’s divisive inauguration speech carried the sentimental shards of Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass in Nazi Germany on Nov. 9-10, 1938 – 91 Jews killed, 30,000 Jews arrested, 1,000 synagogues burned, 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed) which seemed to rain down as an omnipotent decree from the peak of Mt. Olympus, rather than mortal inspiration from the steps of a once great republic. The message was clear ~ There will be no room for opposition!

Note- I have a lot of Liberal/Progressive readers. Truth is like a car wreck to them. They cannot look away! If you quiet yourself at this moment you can almost hear their collective shriek, “THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN HERE!”

Germany didn’t stumble into hell overnight! Hansel & Gretel didn’t go to sleep in fragrant fields of edelweiss and wake up the next morning in Kristallnacht! Collectivism is the great Incremental Thief of Darkness that steals the Sun one Daily Show at a time. Read any number of accounts from German eye-witnesses who lived through exactly what we are living through today! An Embassy Besieged by Eberhard Arnold, is an amazing chronicling of a Nation’s DEATH by Collectivism! The light of acceptance moves incrementally and almost imperceptibly through the shadows of unfashionable to the eventual darkness of uniform adherence. You can see it in the people…on the faces of neighbors as the shadow passes from friendly to distant to guarded to suspicion. This is what is coming here…mark my word. The Gravity of it is inescapable!

You want some canaries in the coal mine? I’ve got a flock of them for you!

  • Corruption at all levels of Government. Check!
  • Social Engineering in the Schools. Check!
  • Social Engineering in the Military. Check!
  • Massive Debt & Deficit Spending. Check!
  • Government Expansion & Overreach…for the “Health & Welfare”. Check!
  • Silence of the Church as Family & God are made Irrelevant & Subordinate. Check!
  • Elevating Marxists & Socialists as Progressive-thinking Visionaries. Check!
  • Marginalizing Conservatives as Extremists. Check!
  • Gun Control…for the Safety of the Children ~ Pending
  • Neighbor reporting Neighbor…coming soon!

Please watch this…it WILL surprise you!

“Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence.” ~ Thomas S. Szasz


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Gravity of Collectivism

  1. Admin says:

    But sadly that oh so necessary ‘clear thinking’ aka critical thought is no longer taught in our schools, that is why, we on the ‘older right’ are extremists. We know how to ‘critically think’, we know history as we were taught as youngsters the evil that was perpetuated upon so many innocents (which now has been either rewritten or eliminated from textbooks) and see the completed downfall on the horizon. The corrupted can not have us around and must silence us and quick (we’re enemies of the state don’t ya know). It is all so clear to me now. The chess pieces are almost arranged perfectly.

    Ever read the biblical story of Esther? If not, give it a read as it could have been written yesterday just with different players/faces.

    May God bless and strengthen and use us for His glory for we have been put here, at this time and place, for such a time as this, for as Mervin Breneman well observed, “God needs servants today who will speak up when his people are in danger or when injustice and corruption are rampant in society” and that, as you duly depict Chip, is now.

  2. Bill Banuchi says:

    The Church is the only bulwark capable of turning the tide. God forbid we repeat the sins of the Church in Germany in the 30s, We need more Bonhoeffers. Thank you Chip for sounding the trumpet.

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