This Man is Why There WILL Be War!

King Bloomberg

King Bloomberg

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots” ~ Albert Einstein

I grew up in much better times. Our mothers use to tell us to “follow your heart”, and always “stand up for what you believe!” Has anyone besides me noticed that mothers don’t say these kinds of things anymore? Is it possible that in America, there exists a more collective heart of motherhood that breeds herds rather than fiery individuals who might stand out? And who will father the 48% of this new herd born OUT OF WEDLOCK?

To my patriot’s heart, there is nothing more vile and detestable than the nature of seeping substance that fills the shoes of one Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He is the personification of all that is wrong in America! He is much much more than a mere mayor. He is a chief architect of a new world order…with $27 billion in his pocket! If he is not responsible for the abhorrent realities in the first paragraph above, then he is surely the primary advocate and enabler of the very herd Einstein prophesized

And don’t you know that what a generation of idiot herds need most is a generation of Ruling Class Ranchers! I can hear the song now, “Give me drones lots of drones in the spying skies above, please fence me in…”  😦

NYS has a billion dollar budget deficit. As a result, to close the budget gap, the Governor is talking about cutting $240 million dollars from mental health care and closing prisons where convicted criminals are kept.  At the same time New York State is spending an additional $35.2 million to register law abiding gun owners (SAFE Act)? 

Let these words sink in for just a few moments…they expose the pure lunacy of Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing partner King Cuomo! Anyone outside of a generation of idiots will tell you that legal law-abiding gun owners don’t kill people, REPEAT OFFENDERS & NUTS KILL PEOPLE!! So King Cuomo’s SAFE Act is not only illegal…it is guaranteed to make you and I less SAFE by giving us MORE REPEAT OFFENDERS & NUTS while restricting our best defense against them—the law-abiding gun owner!! By the way, are you aware that the Federal Government is buying up ALL the ammunition (hollow point) to go with their growing fleet of armored tanks…and drones?

In King Cuomo’s State of the State Address, he called New York the Progressive Capitol of the World! He may be right you know…certainly criminals, taxes and now drones seem to be progressing in a most progressive way! Jobs, education & economy…not so much!

My Progressive friends have one slight problem. There are many many more of us who grew up in better times who know who we are…and who they are. We know they don’t want to control guns…they want to control us! We know they need subjects as much as we need freedom. Therein lies the rub! There WILL be war! 

I have a dream! There will come a day…and I may not live to see it…where King Bloomberg and King Cuomo will share a cell in the deepest darkest dungeon of a special prison we will build for their treasonous ilk. They will never see the sun again because over their heads we will build a special garden monument to the Tea Party. They will only hear a perpetual loop of patriotic Pat Boone songs 24/7 and will be fed only granola and 44oz Big Gulps for as long as they both shall live…so help me God! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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  1. Why Do We Need Guns Anyway says:

    Fabulous! Well Said my Friend!

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