The Quest for Truth in the Madness of Men

“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of men.”~ Sir Isaac Newton

After that famous apple landed on Newton’s head it rolled down a river bank and into the river of time where it floated gently along until now

This past Friday I stood over a newspaper rack at the Chestnut Ridge rest stop on the northern tip of the Garden State Parkway. These were the headlines of that day’s papers;

Wall Street Journal~ Money Spigot Opens Wider …putting out fires with gasoline.

Bergen Record~ Rutgers Scarlet Silence …the abuse of power.


NY Post~ Bribes …corruption.

NY Times~ Hero of Bronx Now Accused of Betrayal …corruption.

Welcome to the mad, mad world full of mad, mad men! What began as a retraction of my support for Bishop Williamson whose “Holy Saturday” piece I hosted on Holy Saturday has turned into something more.

A few months ago I decided to join a writer’s guild as a way to improve my writing skills, meet and learn from other writers. We met at a local library to introduce ourselves and discuss the goals and objectives for the group. During this meeting I mentioned that my writing is political in nature and I wanted to make sure everyone was OK with that and that we were free to write, unrestricted by boundaries of any sort. Everyone agreed. A short time later I rec’d this email from one of the members who had missed that meeting:

Hi, Chip.  I respect your right to have political views which are wildly different from my own.  However, I do not wish to receive links to your blog.  Please remove my email address from your mailing list.  I’m willing to provide constructive feedback on any other pieces you may wish to submit in the future, but no politics please.  Thanks, S

PS: Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter.

This is how the PC Shepherd operates! It labels and rejects any work that threatens its own political construct and then immediately seeks to quarantine it…for the benefit of the group of course. I tried to reason with S that I could never imagine myself restricting another writer in such a way…that to do so is oppressive…and that by challenging ourselves with exposure to the discomfort of differing views is how we GROW!

The good news is this. 5 to 10 years ago, S might have swayed the group to reject my work. This not being the case, S decided to move on instead. This is refreshingly encouraging because when there is suppression of social voice of any kind, then there is a suppression of Truth. And when there is suppression of Truth, madness ensues…by degree! Are we turning the corner? Are enough of us finding the courage to stand up to PC and send it packing? Time will tell…

…Which brings us to the public retraction of my support for Bishop Williamson. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Bishop Williamson was a member of the Society of St. Pius the X until his recent expulsion. SSPX had been on the outs with Rome since Vatican ll over what they perceived as a dangerous surrender to modernization and a departure from traditional doctrine…until recently, as they appear to be submitting towards reconciliation. Mgr. Williamson could not go along.

What I have learned by jumping into the river in the most dangerous spot is that Truth has many impostors.  He was the ONLY member of the clergy who had acknowledged the obvious peril of treacherous rapids, which is where he drew my attention…and so I failed to hear his message concerning those along the riverbank itself, where he set one against the other! And therein I found what I dare say I would have missed had I opted for the safety of dry land instead.

Truth is very much like Newton’s apple that rolled down the river bank and into the water where it floated gently for a time…on a tranquil surface visible to all who barely had to look for it. But as tranquility turns to the mad volatile rush of white water, the apple disappears from sight. Here is where the greatest dangers are born in opportunists who claim the existence of multiple apples where there is only one. And how would any of us be the wiser…unless we stand up and jump in to find out for ourselves? Muddy Water

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those friends who warned me of the danger while patiently waiting for me to discover Truth…from the inside out! 🙂


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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