An Iron Lady & the Baroness of Benghazi

“Margaret Thatcher saved Great Britain from its own death spiral.”~ Daniel Yergin in his 4/8 Bloomberg interview with TomKeene.

“Her new haircut sends signal of shimmering intention.” ~ Maureen Dowd speaking on the prospects of a Hilary Clinton presidential run in 2016.

Substance over “Shimmering” Deception

It never ceases to amaze, how the same people who see 20/20 in the rear view mirror turn blind, deaf and dumb on the present view of the very same scene! The right thing is seldom the easy thing, but its rewards are both attainable and sustainable in the hands of principled statesmen. Look how far we have fallen since the days of Thatcher & Reagan.

The “lead from behind” architects of this mess are neither leaders or principled. The Thatcher and Reagan statesman of substance has been replaced by the “shimmering deception” of charming puppets…a political “hologram” as I described it recently. How glaringly revealing is the contrast between Margaret Thatcher and Hilary Clinton! On the one hand, the Iron Lady with the iron will who stood up to the lying Statists, fought for RIGHT path to freedom and prosperity and won it for the country “she could not bear to see in decline”! On the other, we have the “Shimmering” Progressive with a “new haircut”, no accomplishments and no principles tilting at the popular windmills of feminism…while America bleeds to death!

Consensus is the absence of leadership. ~ Margaret Thatcher

“It takes a village…” ~ Hilary Clinton

One was a Statesman, and the other is a Scheister. The most reliable way to know one from the other is by the amount of courage required to be the one over the spineless duplicity inherent in the other. Where the Statesman looks to bring out the best in fellow men, the Scheister requires an endless parade of victims to save…which is exactly why MScheisterNBC has provided notorious race-baiter Al Sharpton his very own pulpit…to do just that!

The architects who have brought us to the gates of Hell were able to do so by selling the low information voter progressively air-brushed portraits of Reagan and Thatcher over time. Meryl Streep’s portrayal of the Iron Lady was, shall we say, less than flattering…transforming substance into smear as only Hollywood can.

Can you imagine the woman of iron will who could not bear to see her country in decline deserting a single solitary countryman in his greatest hour of need? 700 of our distinguished countrymen would like to know why our Baroness of Benghazi did just that! “Shimmering” deception has no answers because just like the hologram of Obama, it is unaccountable! I pray to God that enough of my countrymen refuse to accept this treasonous disgrace!

There are 15 amazing quotes from Margaret Thatcher linked below. But this one is my favorite because it defines the vision of courageous substance over the pathetic lure of “Shimmering” deception brilliantly!

“We want a society where people are free to make choices, to make mistakes, to be generous and compassionate. This is what we mean by a moral society; not a society where the state is responsible for everything, and no one is responsible for the state.” We miss you already Madame Prime Minister! 


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