Patriots Don’t “Pay-to-Play”!

Last week I had an Accountant (CPA) come into my office with her husband who happened to be a banker. She had requested the meeting because she needed “a good person to refer her clients to for investment and insurance needs.” What she was really looking for was an easy way to make money off of those who trust her, by sending them to someone who will pay her to do so. She wanted me to pay-to-play. I told her NO and to have a nice day.

I live in what might be considered the most pay-to-play State in the Union, New York. The corruption scandals sweeping through Albany are beginning to look like a California brush fire out of control. One of those caught harped an arrogant “Everyone does it!” without the slightest trace of any remorse whatsoever…

…as a favorite CCR tune comes to mind “Lookin Out My Back Door”…look at all the happy creatures dancin’ on the lawn. It calls to mind a far, far better time. Perhaps there were married congressmen who ran for mayor AFTER they were caught texting their Weiner’s to strangers back then, and we just didn’t know about it. Or, I’m sure there were lots of abortion doctors who drowned babies in toilets or just ripped their heads off with their bare hands, and we just didn’t hear about it. And I have no doubt that there were US Diplomats demoted for coming forward with the truth about their murdered colleagues while the Head of the IRS Tax-Exempt Division was being promoted to oversee the enforcement of Obamacare, after targeting the very Conservative groups formed to oppose it…along with the CEO of Fundamental Transformation, Inc., and we were busy doing what exactly?

There was another band back in the day called The Doors, and they had a song entitled “Strange Days”. Well, I’m thinking you and I are living days so strange, they would make Morrison’s psychedelic vision seem more Leave-it-to-Beaverish in comparison!

In this upside-down world where patriots hang their heads in the harsh glare of PC demonization as words like “FREEDOM”, “TEA PARTY” & “CONSTITUTION” are used to identify them much the same as a certain group was marked for persecution and death using the Star of David in the last century, if you aren’t willing to stand as a Patriot then you have consigned yourself to the easy chair marked Pay-to-Play across the back! There is no middle ground anymore. The “I didn’t know” bus left the station a good while back.

The line is at our front door. There is no difference between the person who knows and does nothing about it, and the person who violates the public trust by accepting or offering a bribe. My cousin who said, “I admire what you are doing.” as if he were a member of the audience in some play is as much a card-carrying member of Pay-to-Play as the indicted politician is!

In fact, he bought a plane that I’ve watched take off from the local airport I can actually see looking out my front door. It must be nice to not have to look at the faces on the not-so-happy creatures from 8,000 feet above the lawn…

Bother me tomorrow, today I’ll buy no sorrows…doo, doo, doo lookin’ out my back door!



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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