America’s Un-Civil War of the Worlds

The Distressed States of America

The Distressed States of America

Even as multiple scandals wind their way to the feet of Obama, he continues his assault on freedom loving-Americans. Even as his henchmen plead the 5th before Congress, with curtains fully drawn, the naked emperor bears down against a war-torn public rapidly losing its faith and trust, as his reinforcements shout Si se puede! Si se puede! (Yes we can! Yes we can!) from the Senate gallery overlooking the latest legislative betrayal.

Benghazi, the IRS and AP scandals are merely symptoms. We are at war with ourselves and have been since January 1, 2009! If America is toppled, it will not be from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria. We will be undone by the most uncivil of civil wars raging within our own borders. Before it is over, this war will dwarf our last civil war in carnage and suffering…tragically extended by the deception and character so harshly evident in contrasting Obama with Lincoln: The one who was born subordinate to God who came to his own end to unite us, with a Godless imposter planted to divide us! All one need do is juxtapose the withering Lincoln in his darkest hour with Obama sizing up a put while Michelle plans the next vacation in ours to realize the audacity of the ages!

Obama’s war is uncivil by its nature which starts at the very top. At Gettysburg, though all war is hell; fathers and sons, brother against brother, all stood on the last field of their lives and died with courage and honor! Obama is a thief who smiles with one hand and kills with the other without courage and without honor. His weapons of choice are deception and treachery…and of course the robots that fly. Lucky for us, the Press have no wings!

Nixon resigned over a parking ticket in comparison with the crimes of #44! There is no resignation in the black eyes of a thoroughly vacant soul…only the lust for greater power, control and destruction. We bought Hope, Change & Transparency and got stuck with the consequences of leadership without morality, responsibility or accountability, all festering under the cover of a complete and sinister opacity! A President who doubles down on appeasement in the wake of Ft.Hood, Benghazi and now Boston is not a leader…he IS the enemy! He has introduced Sharia to our courts and Jihad to our streets!

Coming soon…  …to a street corner near you!

By the time enough of us who’ve listened to his talk about Lincoln and Reagan realize he walks with a Stalinesque strut, it will be too late! The noose is already well in place. In the timeless H.G. Wells classic, the end of the Alien Invaders came in the form of a tiny microscopic bug their own immune system could not fight.

I predict that the exact opposite will finally topple this invader. The giant bug of narcissism, arrogance and the towering hubris of an ego unable to contain itself will finally step onto the gallows of its own undoing…with our help and the blessing of Almighty God of course! 😉

“This government is no longer legitimate, and therefore no moral person can continue to support it.”~ Ann Barnhardt

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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