Hear No Evil…

"You're next!"~ Woolwich Butcher

“You’re next!”~ Woolwich Butcher

I remember one of my last attempts to reason with the progressive liberal friends I grew up with. Before I made a conscious decision to extricate myself from the sordid swamp of facebook babble, I was designated as an Islamaphobe/bigot for protesting a mosque at Ground Zero by Cathy V. who described those people committed to killing us as “nothing more than a handful of harmless men in the desert.”

A man shouting “Allah Akbar” holding a meat cleaver and machete dripping with blood and staring into a video camera after decapitating a young man is referred to as “strong indications of terrorism” by Prime Minister Cameron who then goes on to call it…wait for it… “AN INSULT TO ISLAM”??????? …and then sends out this directive~ “Troops advised not to wear their uniforms off base”?

What’s next Mr. Prime Minister…Mandatory sex change? Let’s just begin the conversion of western man to woman right here on English soil and be done with it! It’s already catching on in the USA!

You might recall my “Sharia Creep 101” piece on the Sharia Index some weeks ago:

Sharia Index~ The measurement of Islam’s Affect, relative to Muslim population %.

  • Muslim Population <2% = “peace loving minority” (US .6%)
  • Muslim Population 2-5% = “they begin to proselytize” (UK 2.7%)
  • Muslim Population >5% = “inordinate influence” (France 8%)
  • Muslim Population 10% = “increased lawlessness” (Kenya 10%)
  • Muslim Population > 50% = “Theocratic Tyranny” (Saudi Arabia 99.9%)

Let’s think of it in the context of what our “Religion of Peace” brethren are up to this past week shall we? 

Stockholm at 4% = 5th consecutive night of rioting, torching 30 cars & police station!

London at 8.5% = Beheading of a man in broad daylight promising more of the same!

There are eerie parallels between this meat cleaver wielding savage and our IRS wielding President. The first similarity is the extent of their bold arrogance, which is almost identical. The second thing to note is the response of the people around both…they are all sheep. The London terrorist mugs for the camera while ours promotes the woman who was in charge of targeting Conservatives to head up the enforcement of Obamacare. They both know there are no real men left in the western world! And the cowards on the board of the Last Oath Standing (BSA) have just assured there never will be! The wolves are circling…

The last time an evil so dark threatened our world, it had Churchill’s, Eisenhower’s and Patton’s to contend with. And even with testosterone levels as high as they were, the world would not be spared the rivers of blood that arose from having allowed evil’s foot in the door to start with. We were spared from lives as slaves and given our freedom instead because of the heroic sacrifice of real men! This time will be horribly different. Our own actions and inactions have guaranteed the rivers to become oceans and freedom to become chains because there are no Churchill’s, only Chamberlain’s and worse to face it. 


           One man with courage is a majority! ~ Thomas Jefferson

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2 Responses to Hear No Evil…

  1. Wendy Nowak says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard the directive to British troops to not wear their uniforms. I looked at my husband and said, ‘the terrorists have won another round.’ But then again, Chip, maybe you and I are on the wrong track. According to the Reuters’ story covering the Swedish riots, “..the rioting has exposed a fault-line between a well-off majority and a minority – often young people with immigrant backgrounds – who are poorly educated, cannot find work and feel pushed to the edge of society.” There is not ONE WORD mentioned about the rioters being Muslim. Don’t believe it? Here’s the story: http://news.yahoo.com/stretched-riots-swedish-police-call-reinforcements-150426310.html
    People have to remember to pick their news sources carefully, keeping in mind the TRUTH will set them free. Needless to say, I read Reuters news accounts with a wary eye.

  2. shutupnsing says:

    Wendy…we have come to a place where we must become our own shepherds in every sense of the word! God Bless you and Happy Memorial Day to you and your family!

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