The Weiner in the Coal Mine

“I did not have sex with that woman!”~ Bill Clinton, America’s Favorite Progressive

You know morality is on the ropes when a known pervert announces his candidacy for mayor of the most powerful city in the world! That in and of itself is the final collapsing canary portending our imminent demise! We are tragically beyond redemption…

And the bell-ringing knockout punch line in this latest chapter of Progressive Absurdity is the REASON the Weiner has decided to re-erect himself back onto the political stage (drum roll)… “To fight for the Middleclass”, or continue to fight for the Middleclass??

I’ve just figured out why, “I’m going to fight for the Middleclass” is the universal mantra of every Progressive politician! It conditions the majority of us to think of ourselves as victims in need of someone to save us! As a result the Middleclass, which IS America, has become Political Road Kill! Have you been to Detroit lately? STOP “fighting” for us! We need the Middleclass in this country to wake up, grow a pair and fight for this country while they have something left to fight for!

What I find amusing is how his two Progressive buddies Cuomo and Schumer have “distanced” themselves from the Weiner re-erection. So we have two major perverts in the Constitutional sense (Cuomo’s SAFE Act and Schumer’s turning the IRS on the Tea Party, etc.) distancing themselves from the other pervert in the sexting sense! And if we are truly insane enough to put Oscar Mayor Weiner in Gracie Mansion, then we will truly have replaced one pervert with another (Constitutional/Sexual)! Get the pattern here?

PROGRESSIVE = PERVERSION. Period! And that is by design my friends.

Our “Fundamental Transformation” is really just one huge Progressive assault on morality disguised as fighting for the Middleclass…and of course protecting their other favorite victim, women, from the war being waged on them. Seriously, stop and think about it:

Abortion on Demand, Fast & Furious, Deficit Spending, $16 Trillion Debt, 50 Million Americans on Food Stamps, A Marxist in the White House, Obamacare, Solyndra, Bailouts, 2008 Financial Collapse, Infinite QE, IRS Scandal, Gun Control, AP Scandal, Benghazi, Scouting Forced to Violate Their Own Oath, Gay Marriage and the Persecution of Christians are ALL the actions of IMMORALITY perpetrated on America by immoral men with a lust for power!

So the canaries are dropping like flies in Obamaville. The saying canary in the coal mine, as I’m sure most readers know, comes from the actual warning sign that coal miners used to alert them to the lack of precious oxygen. America’s oxygen is God’s greatest gift of the liberty and the freedom to pursue our own happiness. As many of us stopped to recognize and honor the countless heroes who have sacrificed to protect our precious freedoms, one town did not!

I guess this is what happens when we let our Weiners do our thinking for us! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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1 Response to The Weiner in the Coal Mine

  1. Judson J. Abbott says:

    We’ve arrived at a point in time where the oblique issues surrounding the Anthony Weiner scandal may warrant discussion. One sociological question left unanswered is why did one of the women — Maegan Broussard – sell out Weiner?

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