The Jersey Joker Sheds More Principle Than Pounds!

"I'll save you...again!"

“I’ll save you…again!”

I grew up in Jersey, fell in love with a Jersey girl or two…or three. I’ve always worn my Jersey colors with the same sense of pride we used to accord the older brother we looked up to. We were the Rock-Star-State (Springsteen, Bon Jovi) with a Rock Star Governor (Christie) until we woke up…

Remember when Christie was being touted as the 2nd coming of Reagan? This guy was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise suffocating environment of resource-sucking RINO & PROGRESSIVE Politicians. He stood up to out-of-control unions and talked the talk of “Conservatism” as well as anyone on the public stage…pretty soon there was more talk in ever widening circles of a Chris Christie Presidential run. He started showing up everywhere from The View to Morning Joe (1st red flag)…even Mika was smitten.

Chris Christie…principled, well spoken, Springsteen fan…a man for all people!

And then came that 1st walk. They said that Hurricane Sandy blew Obama into his 2nd term. We now know that the IRS, Hurricane Sandy and Chris Christie carried him to his throne! It’s one thing to humble yourself when reaching out to a President for the people of your state. It’s another thing entirely to become his man in the process! In the months that have transpired since the fateful first walk, Christie has tumbled from a highly respected and principled leader to a tabloid joke! He has devolved to the very picture of what Americans detest most in their politicians. He has become a slave to power.

Obama, Christie & Menendez walking arm in arm on the boardwalk. Now there’s a heartwarming image we Americans can all cozy up to! The Three Amigos of Career Politics! Our governor flanked by a Marxist and a Pedophile…so perfect together! And just as the flames of Obama’s countless transgressions are starting to make him break out in sweat, our Jersey Joker tosses him the lifeline of a 2nd golden walk of compassion, where he turns the sweat to crocodile tears for his suffering serfs, pounded by another surf…too weary to have a clue. Obama’s boy, a few pounds lighter and principle-free…

While all eyes and cameras are on this latest spectacle of American Theater, my eyes are looking beyond them and to the east. There’s a storm on the horizon that will make Sandy seem like a tempest in a tea cup and these guys know it. And they know it because they created it! Pay very close attention to their dance as the storm clouds thicken…as power shifts to center. Pay attention to the subtle changes in tone and position in the various pundits who’ve begun to feel the strings that control them pulling tighter. Pay attention to the increasing incidents of the “shocking” betrayals of the Mike Murphy’s because regardless of your politics, unless you’re a member of this Ruling Class, it is you and I they have betrayed!

The blind arrogance of modern America is no different than that of ancient Israel. They thought they were stronger than the storm too! 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Jersey Joker Sheds More Principle Than Pounds!

  1. Lisa Twaronite says:

    I don’t see a conspiracy.
    I see tit-for-tat, two old fashioned politicians, who helped each other out.
    You want to see a real storm? Keep an eye on Japan!

  2. JK says:

    Chrisitie has been a fighter for NJ, I don’t even live here anymore but he is one of the only bright spots in a dismal political field, So he met wiith “A” President, chill…..

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