Our Subversion

Sub-vert (v.) overthrow

First we learn of systemic government intimidation of the Press and targeting of conservative, constitutional and religious groups…HERE, in America?? And now we learn of teachers who are harassed for advising students of their constitutional rights here

Our last election was a complete sham! They knew all of this, including the Benghazi lies and cover-up…they used the IRS to go after the Republican Candidate! The IRS Commissioner visited the WH more than any other cabinet member…157 times!

And we’re supposed to believe the #1 beneficiary of their malfeasance didn’t know about it until he “heard it on the news”??? This government is 100% illegitimate! How did we get here? How in the world did this happen…here?

I belong to a small business networking group. Yesterday morning the CPA during his 2 minute briefing addressed the IRS scandal involving their admitted targeting of individual citizens and groups based on their political beliefs…to which the Liberal Shaklee Distributor smirked, “They’ll throw Obama to the wolves!” The government proves that it is the wolf, and this “useless idiot” of a sheep fears for the sake of…the wolf???

The only word for such a comment is mindless. And where are young minds “processed”? http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/05/30/College-students-sign-IRS-thank-you From a small business woman in her 70’s who’s been around long enough to know better, to the college Phi Beta Kappa hipster who thinks of the Stalin-esqe tactic as “pretty rad”, our mindlessness is clearly systemic. Of course he would have to first understand who Stalin was.

Clearly the Shaklee Sheep and the College Hipster are under the spell of the Marxist President and see him as their champion of change, regardless of his tactics. They choose to believe that, come hell or high water, he will get them to their promised land…where everyone is included! Great news…we’re one third of the way there! In a country of 300,000,000 we have 72,600,000 on Medicaid! The Want & Entitlement twins have no fear for the strength of their dollar because they expect what they want will always be there!

Yeah, these are strange times indeed. I look out on Memorial Day to see half of us with signs that say things like Freedom Isn’t Free, and most days lately where the other half are mindlessly pimping away the freedoms we ALL used to cherish! Check out this thread on Dr. Nadal’s “Gay Scouting and the Death of Honorhere to see just how lost and divided we have become!

A musician friend said to me yesterday that “this all started with Clinton”. Another friend a while back introduced me to a woman named Bella Dodd who confessed to recruiting Gay Marxist Priests into the Catholic Church way back in the 50’s for the sole purpose of destroying the Church from within. Here’s a woman who has just written a book that traces the roots of our subversion even further back than that. Ten years ago, if someone had told me that Ike had Patton killed because Patton knew of a secret agreement between the Kremlin and the White House, I would have suggested they seek psychiatric counseling. Today, as I watch events unfold around me, I realize how little most of us really know about who we really are…and how we got here!

This much I am certain of ~ That Hope & Change guy half of us bought into is full of 100% Grade A Crap! I remember a sophomoric prank from the old days known as chew & screw where the mischievous diners would pull a back-door after a lavish meal leaving the unsuspecting restaurant owner stuck with the tab. Well, every single one of us is about to get the Bill our “Chew & Screw” Mindless friends have stuck us with! And how much would anyone care to wager, that when they finally pull the EBT plug, it will be ALL Bush’s fault? 😉


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