“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand!”~ Milton Friedman

There are simply no words to describe the stark contrast between our lives twenty years ago with what we are all experiencing today. For one thing, if we quoted Jefferson or Adams reverently we were simply ordinary American citizens expressing reverence. Today such expression results in the marginalization of the “perpetrator” and possibly resulting in a suspension if such radical utterance were to flow from the lips of your child.

Google “killian hate crime” to discover what is happening to your “free speech” in Davey Crockett’s Tennessee…where CRITISIZING ISLAM on Facebook or Twitter could make you a FELON! Why anyone would criticize the “religion of peace” is completely beyond me ;-), but weren’t we always FREE to?

I, like most all of you, thought that the big dust-up in Turkey was over the government’s plans to remove some trees (because that’s what they wanted us to think). What I realize now, thanks to Pamela Geller here, is that the people are protesting their government’s plans to build a mosque on the site as part of their shift away from democracy and towards Islamic authoritarianism. Sound familiar? 

Isn’t it funny how here in the “New World”, we find out about how they have eyes that can see everything and yet still choose to reward bad behavior and punish the good? 😦

I have been debating with L. lately over the changes in our lives. We started our online tussles over the recent BSA decision to lift the ban on gay scouts. Her points were about “inclusiveness” and “fairness”. Mine were about “agenda” and “the oath”. It’s fair enough that we should have the debate, but suicidal to not recognize where the suppression, intimidation and coercion come into play! Always follow the money and it will eventually lead you to the man behind the curtain!

Please read the last quote from my last blog by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. What if we had been smart enough beginning 50 years ago to recognize that the sponsors behind the war on poverty, the war on drugs, feminism and the war on women, environmentalism and the war on climate change right on up to the war on rich people and Killian’s war on hate speech are ALL THE SAME PEOPLE waging a war against US? Do you think perhaps that our life experience might be a little different today? L. says she is happier now than then. What do you think? I told her we should check in with each other a year from now.

If I had a dime for every time I am admonished by my friends on the left for continuing to question with boldness rather than to not worry and be happy, I could probably put a fair dent in the national debt. After all, that’s how they do it…which ironically is how we amassed our debt in the first place…right L.? (She is a bond expert who writes for major financial publications).

How did we get to this place in twenty years where all of a sudden those of us who question with boldness as Jefferson encouraged us to do are “self-righteous bigots, racists and Islamaphobes” for doing so? So I am supposed to be OK with PRISM because all three branches of the federal government authorized it…even though Holder is still our Attorney General, Obama is still our President and Corzine is still free? NUTS!

“You have nothing to fear, if you have nothing to hide.”~ Joseph Goebbels 

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  1. shutupnsing says:

    …of course if you sent them in search of sand, the deserts are the very last place they would look!

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