Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

“One man with courage is a majority.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Once upon a time I lived in the San Fernando Valley of California. One day in the middle of the afternoon I heard the dog next door barking and smelled smoke. All I remember is running through a burning house filled with smoke following the barking because I couldn’t see. I found the mother tied to the refrigerator with the three pups who wouldn’t leave her and dragged them all out of the house just as the fire department was rolling up.

Some might say that was a courageous thing to do, but how could it be? I never even thought about it…it was 100% reflex.

On the other hand and more recently, a young man by the name of Remington Reimer had all kinds of time to think about his remarks as the Valedictorian of his High School Class at his High School Graduation! He could take the safe and easy road and give his already approved prepared speech, or he could challenge the norm, go off script, follow his heart, violate the rules and suffer the consequences.  Remington Reimer chose the latter and chose to acknowledge his lord and savior knowing this would jeopardize his future academic and career pursuits. Now that is courage!

I once listened to a speech given by another courageous man by the name of Michael Voris. He had just returned from touring prisons in formerly Communist parts of Eastern Europe where Catholic Priests were imprisoned and tortured for refusing to deny their faith. He spoke of how we Americans in the first half of the last century (when income tax was less than 2%) had governed most aspects of our own lives effectively and efficiently because we all operated from the same basic Judeo-Christian moral code. But with the “Liberating” 60’s came the shrinking of our moral code…and as our moral code contracted, our political class expanded to the out-of-control leviathan we enjoy today! That was probably the best explanation I’ve ever heard of how we got here!

Now we are witnessing another contraction and expansion. As courage is literally disappearing in our government, it is appearing in We the People! Oh, you won’t see examples of it in your newspapers or on TV…in fact they will intentionally disguise courage and translate it into extreme acts, radical behavior or…hate speech. But I guarantee you there is probably more individual courage beginning to build on your street in your home town, wherever that is, than in all three branches of this federal government combined! While we are growing heroes, they are growing cowards! And if this is not so, then please show me where a single villain has been sentenced for the 2008 financial collapse, MF Global, Fast & Furious, countless instances of election fraud and voter intimidation (caught on camera), Benghazi lies & cover-up, IRS targeting and what has become serial lying to Congress! Show me one…anyone!

And now the world is watching the latest in a growing list of scandals as a young man by the name of Edward Snowden has introduced us all to our government’s PRISM. After one huge public GASP from all sides of the political spectrum, we are told to relax by the likes of John Bolten who attempt to assure us that “this is nothing new…and that this has been authorized by all three branches of our government.” And I thought to myself, “Are you talking about the same government that once upon a time was kept in check by what we used to call a separation of powers?” Because all I see today are three branches, three ropes and three nooses for the sons and daughters and Liberty herself!

When the waters of political cowardice can lap at the feet of people like John Bolten, it’s well past high-time to throw off the sheepskin and gird ourselves for the inevitable consequence of their betrayal. On the other hand I am not sure how to answer their question, “Is Edward Snowden a hero or a patriot?” What I do know is that it took a tremendous amount of courage to do what Edward Snowden has done. What I do know is that I value courage beyond all human qualities in this specific place at this specific time. May God help those who help themselves!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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