The Iniquity of Inequity

in·eq·ui·ty  [ in ékwetee ]

1- unfair treatment: lack of fairness or justice

2- unfair situation or action: a situation or action that is not fair

Synonyms: unfairness, injustice, discrimination, inequality, bias, disproportion, imbalance

There are many ways to explain the unacceptable condition of the world we live in…the condition each and every single one of us are ultimately responsible and accountable for. At the core of all possible explanations is the level of inequity we have either allowed or created.

If the heart of equity is power, then inequity is the unequal or unfair balance of power. The biggest scam ever played on any society is the con of “social justice” because it delivers the opposite of what it claims. I once asked a very prominent and well-known civil rights attorney to justify one of the most famous social justice tools known as Affirmative Action. AA is where government sets quotas and jobs are filled based on ethnicity rather than qualifications. He responded that it was the fastest and fairest way to level a playing field that had been unlevel for so many years.

But let’s look at what fifty plus years of AA have brought us in the context of inequity. The “claim” was a balance of power, but in reality society was weakened as government was strengthened. The people gave up their power to a government to redistribute it “fairly”. But in order to do that, standards had to be lowered. Fifty years of forcing “fairness” over “qualified” have hurt and weakened us at every level of society.

The “unintended consequences” of the welfare state are literally destroying our nation from the inside out! Once again, “Social Justice” screams for fairness in helping those who cannot help themselves but delivers poison to the human spirit and creates a vicious cycle of single mothers, dependency and a death spiral of drugs and violence. 72.5% of black babies born out of wedlock! This is the virtual hell of inequity! Death to the powerless individual! Power to the government that put him here!

And what are we doing from this place where any intelligent person can look back on this history and realize the inherent folly? We appear to be doubling down on stupidity. Thirty years ago we chose a President who revered the Founders, warned us about big government and praised individualism while we grew as a nation! Today we have chosen a man who reveres himself, warns us about each other and praises big government while we wither on the vine!

When the balance of power is so violated, freedom is the ultimate and most tragic casualty. George Gilder has captured the essence of our demise in his book Knowledge and Power. In his book he observes the global catastrophe created by the central planners, aided by the central banking cartels along with immoral and corrupt politicians. As he puts it knowledge is the irrefutable key to growth, and knowledge is the fruit of free-thinking individuals and the very heart of entrepreneurial spirit…the same spirit that is being choked to death by the world elite! This is the dark reality of the iniquity of inequity on the economic level.

To grasp the horror of inequity on the political level, one need look no further than the chaos in Cairo, the slaughter in Syria, or the instability in Istanbul to realize our greatest affirmative action nightmare has become the world’s nightmare as the direct result of placing a community organizer in the Oval Office! The least qualified individual in the most critical role on planet Earth! Buckle your seat belts boys and girls! America is suffering the agony of political food poisoning, having ingested the bad clam twice now!

But my greatest fear lies at the heart of our inequity on the individual level. What powers have we relinquished here? What has become of the rugged individual we will need in order to survive the journey they have laid out for us? The Kabbalist Tree of Life balances two energies (sphirot) directly opposite each other; Chesed (Compassion) with Gevorah (Warrior). When I look out on the American landscape at all levels from the family, to the neighborhood, to the community, region, state and national…all I see are sheep grazing on the comforts of “bread & circus” distraction in every direction. In other words, I see a society that has been conditioned in much the same way as a farmer would condition turkeys as opposed to the great birds who roam in the wild. We have been conditioned out of our Gevorah and into our Chesed! We have become doormats and serfs instead of free-thinking individuals with equal access to our warrior and compassionate selves when either one is called for!

I predict that this inequity will be the one that comes back to haunt us…and I pray that I am wrong. But that brings us to Keter and the very top of the Tree where the ultimate pinnacle of iniquity has been engineered by the Elite. We are literally being turned away from that which we need most in this our darkest hour!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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