Pop Music Goes to Hell!

Miley Ray Cyrus at the MTV Awards

Miley Ray Cyrus at the MTV Awards

I listened to Mark Simone discuss the music industry with his guest Roger Friedman on my way into work yesterday. Roger Friedman is now one of my heroes! In a 10-15 minute review of the MTV Awards (which I thankfully missed), he exposed the music industry for the crass and soulless empty pit of recycled over-sampled pornography with a beat and NOTHING-to-say-travesty it has become!

Wasn’t it just a year or two ago Nicki Minaj writhed and slithered her way into some sort of Satanic ritual at the Grammy Awards while Whitney Houston’s over-dosed body was decomposing in one of the hotel rooms above?

But Friedman’s lament was less about the obscene performance by Hannah Montana’s evil twin, and more about the fact that the entire industry has become one big empty suit! Having grown up with the Beatles, I have watched the industry transform itself…from the youthful and original energy of youth to a worn out middle-aged woman with nothing left to offer…now forced to sell her self on the street! There is nothing on this planet that could possibly be more pathetic!

But what troubles me even more is where does this all emanate from. Who finances this garbage? Who makes this all possible…and why? In the days of the Beatles, the agent/producer discovered the fire already in the bottle and figured out how to promote it. One trip to the Cavern Club was all Brian Epstein needed. It really was an inside out process. The Beatles were original musical artists who Epstein had the good fortune to discover.

Today, it is the other way around. The industry now creates and packages the fire and then decides which nice and shiny empty bottle to package it in. And our children are the eager consumers of whatever it is they are selling.

Now to be fair, I just enjoyed an amazing vacation with my wife and a very normal 15-year-old girl and an exceptional 17-year-old young man who both turned me on to some music I rather enjoyed. Imagine Dragon comes to mind. Adele is a standout diva I pray will be singing to us for years to come. But these are increasingly diminishing exceptions to the upward-trending “garbage rules”!

When I think of the food for the soul that music once was compared to the vacuously sinister tofu it has become, I can only cry for us all. Originality, integrity, artistry and message have become things of the past…

Thanks, but NO THANKS Miley Ray…

I’m not looking for a “good time” today.

Please let us know when you’ve got something to say…

Until then, please consider just walking away.

And all we can do is Wonder Why (by somebody who sings with his clothes on)


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8 Responses to Pop Music Goes to Hell!

  1. Excellent (your song, too, Chip)! God bless you!

  2. God bless you Chip lol. I did not watch the VMAs either, but with all the buzz about Hannah’s evil twin, I had to YouTube it. It was so painful that I could not watch it all. Great entertainers, from various genres of music, like Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash were rolling over in their graves!

    • Chip Murray says:

      I am blessed to have a number of professional musicians as friends. Some who have played with the names you mention. Trust me, they are beyond heartbroken over what has happened to the industry.

  3. JT Sander says:

    It is really unfortunate that she feels the need to “express” herself in that way. It shows a lack of actual musical talent…in my opinion. If it were not for her TV show and famous dad, I don’t think that she would have gotten this far. However… Not that I am comparing her…but take into consideration that Madonna was also considered crude when she first came out with her videos. Madonna is clearly an original and I do like her…and I know you do as well. But again, also considered to take it too far by many. (MC is definately NOT Madonna)

    Having said that, I think that you need to be careful at waving such a broad stroke. In the days you think of as the “good old days of musical originality” you forget that many of our parents thought of it as drug induced noise. There were quite a few that sadly “overdosed” to the point “decomposition”…Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison just to name a few major talents that sadly now include Houston, Jackson and others.

    As you mentioned, finally, there are many other very talented, original musicians including Imagine Dragons, Adele, Jack Johnson, Lumineers, Dave Mathews, Airborne Toxic Event and many others on that list that I hope and believe will be composing and singing for many years.

    You have chosen to write your blog about the less talented and I do believe that says something you may want to think about. You have given her even more air space then she had. Maybe you should concentrate more on what is good and positive about some of the other music out there, and bring THEM into the spotlight and hopefully dim the light of the ones that may be less deserving of recognition and conversation.

    PS… thank you for singing with your clothes on 😉

  4. Kim says:

    I do hope Miley Cyrus gets the help she’s crying out for and that her Father steps up to become a father to her and not just her friend. She obviously has a problem. I am so very blessed that my Son and all 3 of my Step Sons listen to alternative music (Imagine Dragons, Muse, Black Keys, etc). We have Sirus Satellite radio in my car and we only listen to either Classic Rock, Alt Rock, Coffeehouse or Classical music stations. Thank goodness I can listen to the same music as my kids and not get a headache from those horrible, talentless, performers and the garbage they are selling disguised as “music”! PS – (shameless plug…hope you don’t mind) IronRail (classic rock/southern rock band) will be performing on Saturday, Sept. 7 at The Mason Jar, Mahwah, NJ. 😉

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