“Individual” Activism

"Freedom of Speech"- Norman Rockwell '43

“Freedom of Speech”- Norman Rockwell ’43

We are broken. I can state this as a fact because I know for a fact that we are arming…we are literally empowering those who murdered my friend Chris Brady’s brother along with 3,000 other innocent Americans on 9/11. We are supplying those who treat women as inferiors and slaves. We are siding with savages who rape children and eat the flesh of their enemies! We are broken because we have subordinated our individual sovereignty and power to a collective dung heap of cancerous rot and decay!

A few years ago, I lay in bed one night feeling very alone. I could not sleep. People I had grown up with were attacking, rejecting and abandoning me…because of my political views. This is why the man in Rockwell’s famous painting doesn’t exist in America anymore…or at least I thought he didn’t. I prayed.

I awoke the next morning to find an email from my friend Dierdre who shared a Churchill quote which turned out to be a life-line. “The appeasers always turn tail and run once the lead starts flying!”…leaving the rest of us to do their fighting as always.

What I have learned over the past several years is that groups have a tendency towards political correctness. To find one that has the integrity to reject PC and isn’t run by an insecure paranoid control freak is truly a blessing…and getting rarer by the moment. How in the world the Founders managed it is beyond me!

What you are about to see is both fascinating and encouraging. Blumenthal is the same Connecticut politician who lied about serving in Viet Nam and was elected to office anyway. This is what happens to societies that cede their individual power…they cede their good judgment and common sense right along with it! The Blumenthal style politician has become the Rule, eh? 😦

Anyway, what is fascinating is this. The two politicians set the stage for themselves to appear before their valued constituents, praise our Democracy, smile for the cameras and leave. These two pompous and arrogant buffoons actually came before a packed hall of Americans on the eve of WWIII, not to ask them what they thought about Syria…but tell them! The rest, as they say, is priceless! Jefferson (& Rockwell) would be proud! http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2013/09/patriot.html

Remember that the objective of their demoralization is to convince us that we as individuals are powerless. We are anything but! 🙂

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