Executive Malpractice

The Lion & the Gazelle

The Lion & the Gazelle

Glenn Beck recently circulated a video of a Syrian rebel cutting the heart out of a Syrian soldier and eating it. He prefaced the video by confessing his own “imperfection” and then pointed to the flaws in both Republican and Democrat alike that have put us in the insane position of supporting monsters.

Beck is 100% right! This is not about party affiliation. The “problems” plaguing our nation are not about Left versus Right. They are ALL about Right versus Wrong! And Wrong is way out in front for one reason and one reason only. We as a nation and the entire world as a result, are suffering the worst case of Executive Malpractice that I would argue the world has ever known. Period! How did this happen?

Let’s use a metaphor our President is more than familiar with. Good golfers become great by playing with great golfers! Good leaders become great by surrounding themselves with great people. Insecure control freaks, otherwise known as Marxist/Socialist Despots lack the courage, self-esteem and self-reliance to do that. They surround themselves with weak people who fear them. In the real world that puts real people and their families in harms way!

In the game of golf there is no such thing as malpractice. There is only varying degrees from great to terrible. In the game of life where lives are on the line, malpractice is an unfortunate reality. When a doctor is guilty of malpractice, the people within his care are at risk which is bad enough. But when an American President is guilty of the same in such epic proportions, hundreds of millions of lives the world over literally hang in the balance!

The world has seen more than its share of such tension-filled moments, as pointed out in the Victor Davis Hanson interview linked below. But I dare say it has never seen a character more ill-equipped to meet the challenge than Barack Obama. I saw a look in his eye from a recent photo that reminded me of the very same look in the eye of a gazelle being wrestled to the ground by a lion I once saw…the kind of fear that comes from knowing you’re done for. This makes him a growing liability to his masters on one level. On another level, it represents a major sea change in the world that will change our lives forever…if we are able to survive what will inevitably follow.  

Today, September 12, 2013; as I’m reading the Pope’s proclamation that “we no longer need to believe in God to get to Heaven” (You may wish to read that again to make sure your eyes haven’t failed you), I’m watching our “Stronger than the Storm”- Jersey Shore destroyed for the 2nd time in less than one year! 

Much has changed in the world when battlefield kills take on a culinary dimension while Progressive Popes babble incoherent pabulum. What has changed exactly is this:

The wolf is a bigger, stronger, and more dangerous and wicked creature stalking the vulnerable Little Red Riding Hood we’ve allowed ourselves to become…controlled by a pathetic non-existent caricature on life support reciting teleprompter lies…kept alive by a fawning press corps that would rather see the world in flames than admit their own failures. The wolf is bigger and stronger because we in our faithless arrogance have fed him at the great expense of our own inner nourishment! We’ve allowed fools and puppets to speak for us for far too long!

In the real world, malpractice is severely punished. The violator loses his license to practice, pays financial penalties and is sent to jail. In the “Progressive” world, we are the patient about to go under knowing that the neurosurgeon about to cut into our brain is really just a community organizing fraud who never set foot in Med School! What’s worse is that the entire medical community knows he’s a fraud…the hospital administrators…THE O.R. SUPERVISOR KNOWS! But losing a few hundred million patients is nothing compared to suffering the accusation of being racist! My, oh my! Listen to the sobering words of a respected military historian… http://www.hughhewitt.com/victor-davis-hanson-presidents-speech-americas-dilemma/

There’s still time you know. There’s still time to yank the anesthetic feed, push these imposters aside and run out of this nightmare just as fast as we can…in our patient gown…with our hairy butts showing. Who cares? Better to die free and embarrassed than turned into vegetables by radical imposters practicing medicine!

For the sake of our children and their children, call your congressmen now and just say these three words: Defund, Repeal, Impeach! Make this the Battle Cry of the Republic! And then get down on your knees and pray to God in Heaven to forgive us for turning away and allowing these impostors into our hearts to begin with. 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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1 Response to Executive Malpractice

  1. Ronald Adcox says:

    Excellent synopsis of what has happened recently with this “not ready for Prime Time President on the World Stage”. If America’s future wasn’t at stake, the drubbing Putin is giving Obama would be something I would pay money to see and laugh all the way through. But it is tragic, not funny. America had 4 years and more of warning abut this inept poser and still refused to deny him the opportunity to “fundamentally change America”. (You fill in the reason or reasons why!)

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