The Fed’s “Medieval Bloodletting” to Continue!

The Candy Man

The Candy Man

Axa CEO Invites Taper as End of ‘Financial Repression’ – Bloomberg

“The game which has been played over the last three years, it’s financial repression,” said de Castries, 59. “It’s the savers paying for the rescue of the banking system.”

“Central bankers continue to force liquidity in the banking system without any objective proof that it is helping,” Alleghany CEO Weston Hicks said in a letter to shareholders earlier this year that compared monetary easing to medieval bloodletting.

I’m surprised it took my industry so long to speak out! If they had only listened to us when we were shouting from the roof tops in 2008. But the “Merry Pranksters” have seized the wheelhouse and painted…or I should say wallpapered (with greenbacks) us all into the corner of oblivion. There is quite literally and mathematically no way out!

If you boil this all down to its pure essence, it is leadership without morality. It is right versus wrong. It is the direct consequence of our having surrendered Truth to the enemies of Truth. There is absolutely no difference in what Bernanke is doing by digitally creating money out of thin air to feed the insatiable appetites of the world government gone mad and your husband robbing a bank to buy you a house…except that your husband will go to jail!

The Elites have made themselves God and they don’t need no stinkin’ Natural Law to fence them in, Hell No! Obama’s yellin’ for Yellen to replace “Helicopter Ben” (Bernanke earned that nickname by announcing that he would drop as much money as it took from helicopters to save the economy). Remember the horse race between Summers and Yellen? Summers was going to end QE. And Janet Yellen “would make Bernanke look like a hawk!” So anyone with half a brain…

They have us by the ankles…they are shaking us upside down till even the loose change is gone from our pockets. “It’s the net savers paying for the rescue…” NO, NO, NO…it is ALL OF US paying for this monetary madness! At least the Medieval Medicine Men THOUGHT they were helping by applying leaches to the patient’s body! These Quantum Leaping Quacks KNOW they are stealing from you and me…in broad daylight…and we’re smiling…because the stock market is at an “all- time- high”? Are you f—king kidding me?

All hail the merchants of misery, this world will know your name.
There is no mansion big enough to accommodate your shame.
~The Ballad of John Hall

I will pay. You will pay…and our children’s children will pay…because we allowed this on our watch! 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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