The Public Trust

You can put lip-stick on corruption, but it's still corruption!

You can put lip-stick on corruption, but it’s still corruption!

It is the engine oil of our society. Without it we will seize-up just like an engine only uglier…and that is exactly what is happening to us as I write these words. Trust used to be the life’s blood of the capital markets, commerce and government…and now it is not. It’s not, because we are no longer self-governed…we are now ruled by oligarchs who have corrupted the capital markets and commerce by replacing Trust with Pay-to-Play.

This is how we have a New York City Mayor who displays vein-popping passion for locking up the graffiti artist Banksy as distraction and cover for the real crimes and criminals now confident and emboldened as this story illustrates. This is how Jon Corzine steals $1.6 Billion from the trusting mom and pop clients of MF Global in broad daylight…and walks away. This is how these same oligarchs take $600 million of our tax dollars to buy a web site that doesn’t work for a health scam that we don’t want…without going out to bid! Yeah…that’s right. And these are the very same clowns who would have us believe that it’s all the Tea Party’s fault! Hey maybe we’ll share a cell with Banksy?

I don’t know if Brandon Smith’s “Non-Participation”, Ann Barnhardt’s “Tax-Strike” or John Darash’s “Citizen Grand Jury” are the solutions to our problem or not. But I do know that this swamp of vermin needs to be drained. And I know that once we pay-to-play we’ve lost way more than just our voice. God help us!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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