Why Republicans are Divided and Democrats Aren’t

I Married Liberty!

I Married Liberty!

I should give my patriot friends Oscar and Dave co-authoring credits for this one because they helped write it. One wrote that those who don’t see what is happening either have their head in the sand or are “just plain stupid”. And the other, an Atheist, lamented my “fighting a cultural war which I will lose”.

So, any person who voluntarily appears on national television to proudly announce her reward of an Obamaphone for being on welfare or calls for Marshall Law to end a government shutdown in the United States of America would be great examples of “stupid”…whether they are on welfare or in Congress. But fortunately for us, most of us are not “stupid”. And yes there are those with their heads in the sand, but I believe the greatest number of those who don’t see eye to eye with Tea Party Conservatives and the broader Liberty Movement are people who are inextricably wed to their ideology…which leads to my other friends concern about my fighting a cultural war.

The reason why Democrats appear more united while Republicans appear more divided is painfully simple. The Democrats have surrendered to their base. The Republicans have not! Thirty years ago Democrats were God-fearing, gun-toting and family-oriented people who shared the same passion for American values as did Republicans. Those Democrats no longer exist. They have become the party of “Fundamental Transformation”…transforming themselves away from the values that once united us, led by radical Marxists and Statists.

And sadly for the Republicans, there are those who believe that in order to win elections they need to follow along to get along, gain acceptance and be liked. They actually live to be liked on Facebook! So in response to my friends “cultural war” lament, I would say this. I am at war with those seeking to “fundamentally transform” America into something unrecognizable. This is exactly what separates the spine of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee from the cotton candy counterfeits that pollute the caucus. And then, as Dave rightly points out, there are the Progressive New World Republicans like John McCain. 😦

The bottom line comes down to truth and morality. My war does not require you to accept my God. But your “fundamental transformation” demands that I deny mine! My gay friends and family members have not rejected me because I don’t accept them…because I do. They reject me because I will not absolve them…because I can’t!

When the Democrats surrendered to their radical Progressive base, they un-tethered themselves from morality and discarded Truth for the subjective impostors…which is partially how a Democratic pervert with a celebrity penis can run for mayor, while a jay-walking Republican’s career is over.

Progressivism is immorally progressive. It is the “Progressive” not the “Conservative” in us that brought us to our $17 Trillion Eve of Destruction! It is the “Progressive” not the “Conservative” in us that booed God on the 2012 Democrat Campaign Platform! It is the “Progressive” not the “Conservative” in us that needs us to accept that 3×4=11!  It is the “Progressive” not the “Conservative” in us that seeks to “normalize pedophelia”!

I hope and pray that the good Democrats wake up to who it is they’ve married. It’s like a real nightmare version of the movie Hangover. They were wined, dined and romanced by the very best! They went to bed with Valentino and woke up with Dracula! We, on the other hand, have been happily married to Lady Liberty for 237 years and they hate us for it! Go figure… 🙂


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