S.O.J. for Men! What’s in Your Bathroom?

When its time to go, its time to Go!

When its time to go, its time to Go!

I remember a picture we used to have on the company wall from my younger days. It was a beautiful photograph of man hang-gliding over a spectacular mountain range…and the words; The Difference Between Men & Boys is the Price of Their Toys. Thinking back, this could have been the catch-phrase slogan of the 80’s, eh? How much clearer things always become in the rear view! I wonder, knowing what we know now…if we had it all to do over again…how many of us “men” would trade our toys for tomorrow’s rear view?

Of course today the only true measure of the fiber of a man is which brand of paper he uses to wipe his own butt with. I myself am an S.O.J. Man! The beauty of State of Jefferson Toilet Paper is the fact that only real men can use it! Made from the pulp of a special bark from an especially smart tree, it becomes totally non-compliant when it comes in contact with a less-than-manly derriere. It completely disintegrates when it encounters a big government ass or any of its Liberal surrogates! 🙂

Speaking of “government crap”, our entire system is overrun with it! It’s like a giant septic system that has become so clogged full of crap and noxious fumes it needs to explode…which could be awful nasty. I mean if you knew what those evil SOB’s put in their bodies, whew! Kind of reminds me of a joke I just made up….

Do you know the difference between a Liberal Plumber and Tea Party Conservative Plumber? The Liberal Plumber only has to know that crap doesn’t run up hill and pay day is on Fridays…which isn’t entirely true since government crap runs everywhere! Now the Tea Party Conservative Plumber on the other hand; he knows enough to build his home where the government crap cannot roam …and the skies are not cloudy all day! 

Hmmm…that S word is beginning to roll off the American tongue as natural as a baby to the bottle. Yes sir, it truly is! 🙂


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