An Open Letter to the Students of Brown University

True Justice

True Justice

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly got a good look at you the students of Brown University last week. Unfortunately for the students of Brown, they lost the opportunity to get any look at all at the top law enforcement expert in America! What could have been an enlightening discussion exploring both sides of the controversial “stop & frisk” policing method, devolved instead into an embarrassing shout-down of a man who has proven his metal by those who have yet to form theirs.

To add insult to injury, it appears that Brown students allowed their program to be hijacked by radical elements outside of the Brown student body and faculty. As a result the world now views all those affiliated with Brown University as a body lacking in respect for the very first Amendment to our US Constitution! And as the parent of a Brown Student, I feel obligated and compelled to ask the following question. If the student body finds these views unjust, would it not be advisable to take more seriously, the responsibility of the host to protect the 1st Amendment Rights of their guests in the future?

Who speaks for you? We did not raise you to be the surrogate pawn to the hidden agenda of moral cowards who have used you as human shields! We raised you to stand on your own feet, to speak for yourselves, to do your own critical thinking…and your own apologizing when necessary! Who in the world do you think your Professor Orr is really apologizing to?  Cui Bono?? Yes Orr owes you an apology…for stealing a major opportunity from you…and for using you! I’ll leave you to decide who owes Commissioner Kelly an apology. He came to Brown for you!

What the Brown Student Body demonstrated on October 29th, was their ability and willingness to align themselves with the darker energies of intimidation and oppression as well as their weakness and inability to defend the higher energies of honest debate and open dialogue. I am honestly ashamed of all those who stood by and allowed this to happen. I can only pray you will have learned from it!


Paul “Chip” Murray


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to An Open Letter to the Students of Brown University

  1. W.B. says:

    It’s worse than that. Those thugs who took it upon themselves to infringe on Kelly’s speech (who’d died and left them in charge of making that decision?) are essentially – and actively – running interference for violent criminals and jihadi terrorists from organizations such as HAMAS, Hezbollah and al Qaeda. The Democrats have reverted with a vengeance to their old “soft-on-crime” stance that, only two decades ago, they sought to run away from by signing on to such “tough” measures as the “three strikes” sentencing guidelines. It is no coincidence that as they have reverted to form in this regard, violent crime is beginning to inch ever upwards again, with federal crime statistics showing a trending uptick for the first time since the early ’90’s.

    It also calls into question the very existence and purpose of the 26th Amendment which gave 18-year-olds the right to vote in 1971. Because – due to the now total control of our schools, universities, news media and entertainment industry by the Left, which had already begun their “long march through the institutions” at the time of the Amendment’s passage, and the resulting leftist indoctrination that starts in kindergarten and continues right through college – the 18-to-29-year-old age group has essentially become yet another permanent Democrat voting bloc, voting entirely by emotion (and what they had been inculcated with by their leftist teachers and college professors), to the effect that the country’s political structure and direction have all lurched further and further to the Left. Besides the matter of physiology (the human brain, especially the part that deals with decision making, does not become fully formed until after 25 or 26), it is this age group that was top heavy in the subversive, far left, Communist front, Jew-hating, jihad- and criminal-sympathizing, union-directed, George Soros-funded, astroturf “Occupy Wall Street” rent-a-mobs, who basically fell into two categories: a) dirty, filthy bums and b) feral neo-hippie rabble; all of whom defecated on public and private property (including, in one famous photo, one such individual who did his stuff on a cop car), menacingly stalked little children going to and from school in the area, engaged in sexual assaults against young women to such an extent that “safe zones” had to be created for the women who were part of this manufactured movement, and in general created such a health hazard in the area they infested that when they were finally evicted from Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, it took hazmat teams of people wearing biohazard suits and carrying various materials to finally clean up the mess they all left. And also because of this massive brainwashing, they are such total supporters of Big Government liberalism that any attempt by Republicans to teach them the basics of individual liberty and limited government will all but fall on deaf ears and be a total waste of time. Small wonder there are beginning to be murmurs to raise the minimum voting age to 21 or older.

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