The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 19th, 2014

56 Million Fires in 41 Years!

56 Million Fires in 41 Years!

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend. Writing yesterday’s piece, the importance of who we truly are to one another really stood out for me. Many of us may have found ourselves in circumstances where the danger to another is so obvious, we react without thought to save that person…often putting ourselves in harms way to do so. The burning house- -the scream- -you run into the fire.

                                  What it Means to Be My Brother’s Keeper

Is it coincidence that on the same day this topic came to me I happened to see Lone Survivor with a friend who is like a brother to me? In a mission gone bad, a Navy Seal team climbs back up the mountain they hurled themselves off of, into the fire, for the sake of one man they would not leave behind. The difference between you and I finding ourselves in a spontaneous event…like the burning house, and these guys is that they and others like them consciously choose to risk their hides for others every day.

The point of yesterday’s Riding the Beast is that the greatest dangers are most often far less clear. Sometimes there is no burning house- -no screams- -no flames…there isn’t even any smoke! But how many fires have developed unnoticed behind the walls for hours before bursting forth? And who among us knowing the unseen to be true, would hesitate one instant, to prevent tragedy from occurring? To the brothers in Lone Survivor, the danger is clear and present. To the brothers in Riding the Beast, it is smoke and mirrors.

The other element contributing to the ambiguity of Beast in contrast to the clarity of Survivor is the paradox of the two worlds…how the very same fire can be a normal market cycle/correction to your mind, and the pre-burst of unparalleled holocaust to mine. To what extent does our choice rather than awareness determine our Live Action?

Last night my friend asked me what difference any of us could make after agreeing with me completely about the sinister track of this government. And just moments ago, on my way to pick up Grace, I listen to the voice of Live Action talk about the 77 women who decided against abortion after seeing the heartbeat…the same heartbeat that begins 21 days after fertilization. 1,380,000 fires each year! 56,000,000 fires in the 41 years since Roe-v-Wade!

The burning question in being my brother’s keeper is one of true compassion, commitment and responsibility. The reply to my friend, who I’m sure has my best interest at heart, is to answer the irrelevance of his question with the life-saving relevance of my own. How can we choose NOT to act in the face of what we know to be wrong?

How can we NOT act?

How can we NOT act?

The voice that takes the heaviest fire is the one that holds our feet to the fire!

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