The Little People

Under Their Heels!

Under Their Heels!

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” ~ Hillary Clinton refusing to come clean and take responsibility for Benghazi.

“At the dawn of our Republic, a small, secret surveillance committee, born out of the Sons of Liberty, was established in Boston. And the group’s members included Paul Revere. At night, they would patrol the streets, reporting back any signs that the British were preparing raids against America’s early patriots.” ~ President Barack Obama lying to the American People…again.

“They have no place in the State of New York.” ~ NY Governor Andrew Cuomo referring to Conservative law-abiding, tax-paying Americans.

I wonder if Hillary, Barack and Andrew are able to see themselves in the mind of Jonathan Swift from his infamous and classic comparison of moral man to representative man, Gulliver’s Travels. More importantly, I wonder if our children will after these three Progressive Giants and Champions of Common Core have succeeded in replacing moral man with their society of Justin Bieber bobble-heads. Every single day these three representatives remain in office, you and I become smaller and smaller…until one day, we shall all be a good Lilliputian 6 inches short, and fully under their thumbs as well as their heels!  

Clearly, to these three minds, we are as dumb as we are small! The question of the new century has to be, what are we to our own minds? Are we small…are we tall. Who works for who? God in Heaven, the world watching us must not know whether to cry or scream! I wonder whether the MSM creator of the Time cover above had a Lilliputian clue. It does fit their primary agenda when you think about it…to make us appear smaller than we really are! Isn’t that why they are desperate to shrink the Tea Party? If I had a dime for every person who has said to me, “Why bother? What difference do you think you can make?”

If there were an award for arrogance I would be hard-pressed to pick a winner from the three quotes above. I know the Progressive thing to do would be to give them each a trophy. But seriously, the “What difference…” quote had much more than a, I’m-above-it-all absolute peak of arrogance quality to it. It possessed a moral depravity and lack of humanity that would have made King George himself appear saintly!

And why am I not surprised that the same “Giant” who needed a teleprompter when he appeared before a class of 1st Graders would spin a patriotic fairy tale comparing Big Brother to Paul Revere? Because even the 1st Graders are smart enough to know that Paul Revere wasn’t spying on the American Colonists…he was spying on the Foreign British Invaders! How in the world did this man become our President?

But there is something in Andrew Cuomo that reviles the very essence of my soul…as a New Yorker. You see my 4th Great Grandfather was a New Yorker too~

Andrew Murray 1758-1824

MILITARY: V. White; op.cit. He was a Revolutionary War soldier on NY line.
“Revolutionary War Pension Application Files; Van Schaick’s NY Battalion”; found under “Andrew Morrow”; FHL film #1486045. (He served as a Private from 16 Feb 1776 – 17 Dec 1776; Capt. Andrew Finck’s Company ( in Col. Van Schaick’s Battalion of Forces raised in the State of New York); photocopy NOTE: ( The 1st NY Regiment under Van Schaick was engaged in the Invasion of Canada and also the Defense of Canada, as well as Lake Champlain, Saratoga, Philadelphia-Monmouth,…” (source: Robert K. Wright, Jr., THE CONTINENTAL ARMY; Center of Military History, U.S. Army; Washington, D.C.; 1986; p.247; FHL Reference Desk). [The Lake Champlain-Ft. Ticonderoga campaign took place during Andrew’s time of service.]

Although our media love to think they have the power to make men big or small, we know that it is what we possess inside that determines how high we rise and/or how far we fall…as a Giant named Christie has so recently learned.

Another favorite writer of mine said it best…

“Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.”                                  ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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