What the Children Know

How to Think, or What to Think?

How to Think, or What to Think?

I’ve attached a beautifully made movie short called “Dig” that gave me hope. Like many of my friends in the Liberty Movement, there are days when I think there is just too much indifference, apathy, lies and distortion to overcome. When I see how they are now spinning the CBO report to portray Obamacare as “empowering” people by liberating them from having to work, which then gets heralded by the media, I wonder if sanity can ever be restored.

When we were children trying to find our way in a confusing world run by adults, we were naturally rebellious and predisposed to question authority. I think this explains the tremendous appeal of Ron Paul’s Libertarian message to youthful ears in today’s world! But watching so many of yesterday’s rebels who have transformed their rebellion into blind-faith submission, singing “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine” with Sir Paul and the elites the other night, while millions of Americans are sinking deeper and deeper into despair, it was hard for me to sing along…as big a fan as I once was!

Children are literally born free in their minds. The tyrannical parent swoops in with the loving fences of do’s & don’ts right from the get-go! This would be perhaps the only example of a healthy tyranny that exists in the world…because it literally is nature’s way.

Slowly, over time, for the vast majority of us…we develop into adults who, with any luck, are able to preserve the best of the child inside…if you catch my liberty-minded drift!

But there is a community child, a societal child…a collective child that has in our case been born free too. And it has a tyrannical parent as well! Only this parent is un-loving and un-seen by the child. It operates completely in the shadows and only in stealth, masquerading as the very compassion it is incapable of. It projects, sells and inserts itself by mirroring its opposites; Affordable Care Act, SAFE Act & Smart Growth, to name a few. But it is not the health, safety or growth of the child that this parent seeks. This parent needs to have total domination, power and control over the child’s very existence. It is in fact Master/Slave relationship masquerading as Parent/Child one! A real parent is hooked on Love. This one is hooked on Power!

I attended a Common Core meeting at the Suffern Public Library. I listened to parents speak emotionally and passionately about what Common Core is doing to their children. I listened to teachers describe the horror of being forced to apply curriculum that is antithetical to their core values as teaching professionals. And I listened to seasoned administrators who have fought and advocated for the children and their parents for the past 50 years describe Common Core as a cancer that can and must be completely destroyed!

It is easy for us to picture Bill and Melinda Gates as wonderful, generous and humane parent figures to the social child. But when you peel back the skin and work your way to the core of this very rotten apple, you find them to be nothing of the kind. In fact you find the very blackness that is the natural result of power addiction and consolidation.

PLEASE, I BEG you to watch this little 10 minute “Dig” clip and see if you can find yourself in it. Are you the dad teaching the most valuable lesson? Are you the mother who doesn’t get it? Are you one of the friends mindlessly enjoying the ice cream? Are you the nervous neighbor? Are you the police officer just doing his job? Or, are you the daughter who is ready to shrug off all the other voices in order to pick up where her Dad left off?

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7 Responses to What the Children Know

  1. Russ Borner says:

    Many thx for this piece!….right on….next in my inbox was this….if true, the road ahead will demand we all push harder on the rock we are pushing uphill!……….
    Printed in: Atlanta WW II Round Table – SEPTEMBER 2013 Newsletter
    Theodore “Dutch” J. Van Kirk was the navigator on the “Enola Gay” when it dropped the bomb at Hiroshima, Japan.
    He is the last surviving member of the crew.
    Dutch was asked to speak at a grammar school this past week.
    The young teacher introduced him by saying that the speaker was a veteran of World War Eleven (as in WW II).
    Dutch stood up and walked out of the school without saying a word

  2. Chip Murray says:

    We CAN make a difference!

    Eagle Forum of New Jersey

    Carolee Adams, State President

    DOING A HAPPY DANCE on this day after Testimony in Trenton against Common Core/PARCC at the Assembly Education Committee. Following repeated references to Christopher Cerf in varied conversations with key people over the last few months about this issue, and more, this could be the beginning of the end of CC/PARCC in New Jersey! As one State legislator told me, there’s only one in NJ who liked Common Core … and he’s stepping down! Unless Gov. Christie appoints a similar replacement, and continues to pursue this despicable edufad, we can retire! The whole story will be revealed in days ahead.

    It’s appropriate to specifically mention sincere appreciation to those who, in conjunction with this issue testified with me at NJ State Board of Ed Meetings: Kim Barron; Roseann Salanitri; Jordan Barron; Jan Lennox; Michelle Mellon; Dan Biringer; Nora Brower. Further, let’s be ever thankful to Jan Lenox, Michelle Mellon, Brenda Roames, and several other women from South Jersey with whom I had the pleasure to help develop the Common Core/PARCC Bills in NJ, and who continued to pursue support from Boards of Freeholders. To Cathy Driscoll, who introduced me to Jan and far more! To Susan Winton and Kim for support that evolved into that all inclusive, important, unique Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders Resolution. To Judy Rostello who continues to work tirelessly with Boards of Education prompting Resolutions. To Joanne Pascarella who has been my fellow patriot and sidekick in the development of the Letter to Commissioner Cerf signed by 12 New Jersey State Senators. To Shelley Kennedy and “CURE” conference calls. To all Tea Party leaders such as Mahesh (Tea is Key); Bill and Barbara Eames; Sue Ann Penna; Al Frech; Kurt Dinklemeyer, Claire and Joe Kayal, Americans for Prosperity-NJ and many others who invited me to speak in person or on cable about the issue, especially Michelle Talamo and Rae Rinaldi who were first to give that privilege and Victoria Jakelsky who hosted a great event that honored key legislators, too. To Barbara Eames who testified with me last minute yesterday at the hearing in the NJ Assembly Education Committee (it was the warmest reception ever experienced from both parties in a legislative hearing); and to all of YOU who have actively participated in a multitude of ways to shed light on this issue! A follow-up e-mail will explain more. If I have forgotten your name, please forgive me and let me know so that I can amend in the next e-mail with added appreciation. You matter so much!

    In closing, (I’m off to Bible Study), I’ve been a bit “silent on e-mail” because of related events about this issue, and hope you will understand reading now what has been developing. With only 2 hours sleep before I drove to Trenton yesterday, and then speaking in Suffern, NY last evening, the LORD was my driver – all the way. Join me in praising HIM – every day!


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