Speaker Boehner, Suicide Bombers & Our Constitutional Crisis!

"Now connect the fuse to the debt ceiling..."

“Now connect the fuse to the debt ceiling…”

By now you’ve probably heard the true story of the suicide bomb instructor who blew up his entire class killing himself and all of his students. What you may not have known, and are reading here FIRST, is that the topic of this particular lesson was Republican Political Strategy and every student received an A+…posthumously of course!

Obama’s latest arbitrary change of the Healthcare law he has absolutely no authority to change, answered almost instantly by a swift cave-in on the Debt Ceiling by House Republicans, prompted Rush Limbaugh’s characterization of Obama as “untouchable”! “When there is an abuse of power by one branch of our government, it us up to the other two to check it. Nobody is doing a thing! They don’t know what to do!”, Limbaugh went on to say. And then of course we have Ted Cruz right on cue, “Come November, they’ll remember.

I won’t insult your intelligence by listing the various spins, narratives and scenarios being bandied about by people with hidden agendas for the amusement of a neutered citizenry. I will just agree with Rush when he says that it is awfully hard to say NO to the man giving away other people’s money…especially when he’s “ The First African-American President” with all the guns…and the bullets!

I did happen to hear an older caller suggest its time for “peaceful civil disobedience” which marks a gentle turning up the heat if you will. But this is all way too little too late in my humble opinion. Too many of us are so out of touch with our own nation’s First Principles, we can’t fully appreciate what we are about to lose! I received this note from a friend just this morning in response to my blog on the big government scams in education, healthcare and global-warming (as I’m about to be buried in snow):

Chip, I don’t understand.  Obamacare has allowed (my daughter) to still be under our medical care.  In Haiti, many people can never see a doctor.  (My daughter) and Tad had to travel to many hospitals before they could find someone to help a woman with a tumor the size of a soccer ball.  Jean Elie would never believe the amazing wealth this country has.  Even the poorest person can find lots perfectly good food in the garbage that is thrown out here.  Everyone has access to clean water.  All children have free schooling for at least 13 years.  We have so many excesses in this first world country that people in Haiti would be amazed to see what we pitch or don’t appreciate. ~ Mary

…which is to say that we don’t care where the money comes from as long as we have what we need. I had another supporter of Planned Parenthood who actually criticized my financial support of the Wounded Warriors  “so they can go back and kill more people”!

So it’s perfectly OK to murder an innocent and fully formed human being, but morally offensive to support those who willingly sacrificed for all of us? This is the ugly reality of centralized power and its ability to control the message my friends. Devastating!

Speaking of our warriors, I will leave you with this amazing letter from one such warrior written to another courageous soul:

“Dear Ann: You Have Totally Destroyed My Life. Thank You.”

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