Civil Disobedience in the Desert of Human Nature

The Washington Desert

The Washington Desert

“Thus it is, my countrymen, you have sent me to the topmost mast, and I tell you what I see. If you say I must come down, I will obey without a murmur, for you cannot make me lie to you; but if you return me, I can only say that I will be true to love of country, truth, and God…I have always thought that the first duty of a public man in a Republic founded upon the sovereignty of the people is a frank and sincere expression of his opinions to his constituents.”  ~ Sen. Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar to the American People, 1878

Is there anything we take more for granted than a simple drink of water…until we’ve been without in desert sands under a relentless noon-day sun? And then is there anything more glorious than that first thirst-quenching gulp? 

Traveling back in time, courtesy of JFK’s Profiles in Courage, to understand the quality of men who used to represent us in Washington, I realize they were the water we took for granted. And that we have been languishing in a desert that has literally grown more and more un-in habitably God-forsaken ever since. They say the worst that Mother Nature has to offer is the Taklamakan Desert in China. But Human Nature has managed to create a place far worse…in Washington, DC!

You see, a mirage in the Taklamakan is a result of the mind playing tricks…whereas, in the serpentine sands of Washington, mirage is the diabolical result of man playing tricks.

Mind you, I’ve never been to the Taklamakan…but I can assure you with certainty there is nothing so deadly to the very essence of man than that which slithers about the corridors of power in Washington! The very idea that honorable men like Webster, Houston and Lamar stood in this very place to fight FOR US is all but unimaginable to me now as I gaze upon the havoc these self-serving scoundrels have wrought!

Everything that oozes from this place is antithetical to the heart and soul of man. It is pure agenda-driven chicanery with one goal in mind…the total domination of the American People by a class of men unfit for any office where morality and integrity are required. Which is to say; we have reached a plateau in our society where the public man has simply grown undeserving of our recognition and respect. The law of the oligarch is no law at all! In fact the only law we recognize and respect is the one that requires us “to throw off such government”, as it is our God-given right and duty to do so!

I do give these jackals credit for one thing. They are at least smart enough to know they can’t rule over us with guns in our hands. I have to say, when I saw the first images of American men standing on long lines to register their “assault” weapons in Connecticut, I was somewhere between crestfallen and heartbroken. I thought to myself, “This isn’t America…this is the old Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany!” And then this little nugget came across the Blaze Wires, and I realized where I am! Thank God!

To live and die for Liberty, she’ll rise again one day! ~ The Ballad of John Hall

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